Friday, November 21, 2014


The Cherpumple is an original recipe from the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen, and the most talked about new dessert to come along in years.
It’s a three-layer cake with a pie stuffed in each layer. YUM! Cherpumple is short for CHERry, PUMpkin and apPLE pie. The apple pie is baked in spice cake, the pumpkin in yellow and the cherry in white. I DARE YOU TO TRY IT AT HOME!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

If you sneeze you will miss MY TWO CENTS by Leena Deneroff

Hungry and need to rest your weary feet after a jaunt at LACMA, the La Brea Tarpits or the Peterson Museum?  Feel like being an Urban Explorer?  Then follow me folks and we are on our way to some amazing modern soul comfort food.
If you sneeze, you will miss this place and that is something you do NOT want to do.  Tucked away in a mini-mall on Pico and Curson, you will find this little gem My Two Cents.  They are now coining this hood Wilshire Vista and lots of cool independent shops, cafes, and bakeries are beginning to emerge.  Allow yourself to explore East on Pico after you chow down and dont miss .

But let me not digress!

Chef, and I do mean chef, Alisa Reynolds has hauled her butt back to LA  from NY to partner with her sister, Theresa Fountain, in this  cozy, fabulous food spot.  If you are looking for a place to call home away from home’” this is it folks!  When Chef Alisa gets wind that it is your first time and she can break away from the line, she comes out and greets you saying First Timer!, in her robust ,cheerful voice and clanging whatever she can get her hands on.  And if you are as lucky, as we were, you might get some FREE FOOD, which is always my fave.  Now thats what I call good hospitality.

So what do you eat here?  Or maybe I should say what dont you eat here?

I must admit I have not yet eaten my way through the menu, but Im on my way. I gotta watch my cholesterol so I went for the fried catfish, which is really pan sautéed, rolled in mulled cornmeal, no fillers.  All the fish is sustainably sourced, the chicken is organic and the meats are local and natural.

I went for the sweet potato pecan crumble and braised greens  as my sides, both of which are VEGAN.  The sweet potatoes are roasted with coconut, pecans and vegan butter.

I did bite into my friends fried, really fried chicken, drizzled with  bar-b-q sauce. I dont know what she coated that little bird in, but my oh my.  Get some grits on the side here and you have died and gone to heaven.

My eyes then ate the fried oyster Po' Boy which the guy next to me was devouring .  I must admit, I could never eat it solo and it seemed to be no problem for him. I can promise you this, girl scouts honor, next time that puppy is a special on the board Im in.

Should we or shouldnt we go all the way?  Oh what the heck. Bring on the homemade peach cobbler, with 3 forks and lets go girls.  All desserts are made daily by Theresa so be prepared to pig out.
All this coupled with BYOB and laughs and hugs from Chef Alisa make this a go to and go to again and again kind of place.
My Two Cents

5583 Pico Blvd
LA CA 90019

Service Hours:

WED.THURS 12- 4:30 and 6-9  FRI.SAT 12-4:30 and 6-10
SUNDAY kickass BRUNCH 11-4  $15.00
SUNDAY 6-9 Grits N Gumbo Night $18.00 with LIVE DJ

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