Friday, October 16, 2015

Disneyland Double Exposed, 1961 by Charles Phoenix

Dapper Day is my faaave day of the year to experience Disneyland. It's the day everybody dresses up in their beautiful best and struts their stuff in the original Magic Kingdom and California Adventure!
This magical event is a perfect match for my …
WHEN: Sat, Sept. 19 – 12 noon to 1:15-ish
WHERE: Anaheim – Downtown Disney's AMC Theater
And now … Disneyland Double Exposed, 1961

Sleeping Beauty's Castle is slightly double exposed on the House of the Future. Its medieval meets mid-century! Medievalism and modernism have never been so close. For a mere, but marvelous ten years, between 1957 and 1967, Disneyland's legendary all-plastic House of the Future was just outside of Tomorrowland, perched on a pedestal, steps from the castle. They both represent fairy tales – one speaks of the future and the other of the past.
But who is supposed to be posing for this pic? Is it the twins wearing matching puffed-sleeved-pinafore party dresses over white bobby socks and black patent leather? Or is it the woman who wears sensible yet stylish shoes and her two followers, whose stride seems clearly interrupted?

‘Awake and Sing!’: Still Going Strong by M.R. Hunter

It has been 80 years since the Group Theatre premiered Clifford Odets' first full-length play, 'Awake and Sing!,' a family drama set in a Bronx apartment during the Great Depression. The critical success in 1935 bolstered both the playwright and the company's reputation for creating socially conscious, character driven works under the then nouveau Stanislavski method of acting. Although the Group Theatre lasted only a decade and later Odets would eventually stand trial at the HCUA (House Committee on Un-American Activities) for joining the Communist party, tarnishing his standing among Hollywood's elite, (many of these former members of the Group Theatre), Odets' 'Awake and Sing!' has remained in the repertoire of great American plays.

In Los Angeles, another milestone has passed, and with it, a revival of not only Odets' gripping tragicomedy, but of director Elina de Santos and many of the original cast members themselves in the 20th anniversary of the smash hit production at the Odyssey. From this original staging two artists stood out, cementing their own reputations in L.A.: de Santos and Marilyn Fox, esteemed actress and Artistic Director of Pacific Coast Repertory in Venice. It seems for anyone with the right vision and chutzpah, Odets, (buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale), is a career-maker all these years later....

Friday, October 2, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Libra! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 9/23/15-10/23/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity October Librans: Julie Andrews (10/1), Sting (10/2), Gwen Stefani (10/3), Russell Simmons (10/4), Kate Winslet (10/5), Amy Jo Johnson (10/6), Simon Cowell (10/7), Bruno Mars (10/8), Tyler James Williams (10/9), Mario Lopez (10/10), Emily Deschanel (10/11), Hugh Jackman (10/12), Ashanti (10/13), Usher (10/14), Tito Jackson (10/15), John Mayer (10/16), Eminem (10/17), Zac Efron (10/18), Floyd Mayweather Sr. (10/19), Snoop Dogg (10/20), Kim Kardashian (10/21), Christopher Lloyd (10/22), Ryan Reynolds (10/23)

Mercury is almost out of retrograde, but don't celebrate too much just yet. This is still an excellent period for us to be pragmatic in our choices. Make sure to have as much information as possible before committing to anything through Oct. 9. Avoid any legal entanglements. We should be aware of our emotions and how we respond to others. Our feelings can guide us to what we most desire or what we no longer need. Pay attention to communications, and ask questions if anything is unclear. We should remain vigilant about our mercurial mood swings.

The Other TWA Rocket: Lost & Found, Kansas City, MO by Charles Phoenix

The TWA Rocket to the Moon is an icon of Disneyland's early days. It was the centerpiece and crowning outer space touch of the original Tomorrowland, "the world of 1987." But that wasn't the only TWA Rocket to the Moon. I'm not talking about the smaller scale "tribute" to the original that stands in Tomorrowland today.
In 1956, TWA's big bad boy, Howard Hughes, ordered a copy of Tomorrowland's TWA rocket and prominently perched it atop TWA headquarters in Kansas City MO, where it stood for, well, I'm not exactly sure. When the rocket was removed, through what had to be an odd set of circumstances, it wound up in a trailer park somewhere in suburban Kansas City...

Friday, September 18, 2015

Dramatizing History: “The Princes of Kings Road” by M.R. Hunter

Much of history leads one to the invariable musings of what ifs—a queried playground for writers to slip and slide down in its endless jungle gym of imaginings. This is no easy feat. Writers tend to magnify contexts, characters and relationships in order to best tell their story, sometimes, regardless of its truthfulness. But too little embellishment leads to didacticism.

Screenwriter and TV writer Tom Lazarus tackles a rare gem of L.A. lore between a pair of architectural giants, Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra, whose contributions can still be seen throughout the city, their modernist preeminence peeking out among the mishmash of stucco, siding, or gabled gaffes, let alone the industrial heave of 1970s featureless utilitarianism. Rising to prominence, both men were born and educated within miles of each other in Vienna, before coming to America—Schindler working under the famed Frank Lloyd Wright, and Neutra invited by his then friend Schindler to join him and his wife in their new home on Kings Road in West Hollywood. Both became naturalized citizens, and both took Los Angeles by storm with their forward-thinking structures created with both function and aesthetics to work in harmony...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Virgo! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 8/23/15-9/23/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity September Virgos: Dr. Phil McGraw (9/1),  Keanu Reeves (9/2), Charlie Sheen (9/3), Beyonce Knowles (9/4), Michael Keaton (9/5), Rosie Perez (9/6), Gloria Gaynor (9/7), Pink (9/8), Adam Sandler (9/9), Colin Firth (9/10), Ludacris (9/11), Jennifer Hudson (9/12), Ben Savage (9/13), Robert Herjavic (9/14), Tom Hardy (9/15), Nick Jonas (9/16), Kyle Chandler (9/17), Jada Pinkett Smith (9/18), Jimmy Fallon (9/19), Phillip Phillips (9/20), Stephen King (9/21), Tom Felton (9/22), Bruce Springsteen (9/23)

We'll want what we can't have these first few weeks in September. Patience is a virtue. Driving our dissatisfaction is the conflict of relating information to others with confidence. It might be easier to address people through group emails and conference phone calls instead of approaching them individually. Don't make more of issues as they arise than necessary. Keep perspective by viewing problems as natural bumps in the road. We should take this time to step back from any uncomfortable situation and assess before assuming we have all the answers.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Steering the Mark Twain! by Charles Phoenix

Behold the glory of the Mark Twain, the prettiest paddle wheeler on the planet. Divine in every Dixie detail, it’s the ultimate old-timey attraction in Disneyland’s Frontierland and has been since the day it was launched, 60 years ago. Here, you see it in 1957.
Over the years, I’ve boarded that beauty more times than I can remember, and enjoyed that round-the-island journey enough times to have gone down the entire Mississippi river at least once.
So, what a surprise it was when I heard you could actually “drive” the Mark Twain, and then get a certificate that says “I drove the Mark Twain,” or something like that.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Bubblelator, Lost and Found, Des Plaines, WA by Charles Phoenix

The iconic Space Needle is the most famous landmark from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. Understandably so, since it was the expo's centerpiece and crowning touch! To this day, thank goodness, it remains the super star of the Seattle skyline! But, it's not the fair's only mid-century modern leftover.
The beloved Bubbleator also survived. During the brief, but meaningful, run of the fair, then all the way until 1984, the world's only bubble shaped elevator transported peeps for a short, memorable ride up and down one floor.
At some point, shortly thereafter, the Bubbleator wound up in the front yard of a home in suburban Des Plaines, WA, just south of Seattle. When I found out it was still around, I decided it was high time I went on a field trip adventure to find it! The exact address of its whereabouts wasn't online. Fine with me, I really didn't want to know. I knew the town it was in, so I decided to just show up and start asking locals, "Where o' where is the Bubbleator?"

Friday, July 31, 2015

Meet Modernist Mary Jane by Charles Phoenix

Meet Mary Jane !!! … Only original owner of a Richard Neutra Home !!! … Custom built for her and her husband and their three daughters in Redlands, CA in 1952 !!! …
I had the unforgettable pleasure and privilege of meeting her and touring her epic home recently, while prepping for my REDLANDSLAND SHOW !!! …
She said Neutra had a habit of popping in for a visit around dinnertime because he didn't like eating in restaurants!
And all that original furniture !!! … I KNOWWW !!! …
Make no mistake about it, Mary Jane is pillar of Redlands, CA society and a force of nature !!!

Cheers to Mary Jane, Richard Neutra and YOU !!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Leo! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 7/22/15-8/23/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity July Leos: Selena Gomez (7/22), Daniel Radcliffe (7/23), Kristin Chenowith (7/24), Matt LeBlanc (7/25), Sandra Bullock (7/26), Alex Rodriguez (7/27), Lori Loughlin (7/28), Josh Radnor (7/29), Arnold Schwarzenegger (7/30), JK Rowling (7/31)

Celebrity August Leos: Coolio (8/1), Edward Furlong (8/2), Martha Stewart (8/3), President Barack Obama (8/4), Maureen McCormick (8/5), Soleil Moon Frye (8/6), Charlize Theron (8/7), Dustin Hoffman (8/8), Deion Sanders (8/9), Antonio Banderas (8/10), Chris Hemsworth (8/11), Casey Afflick (8/12), Danny Bonaduce (8/13), Mila Kunis (8/14), Joe Jonas (8/15), Madonna (8/16), Robert De Niro (8/17), Edward Norton (8/18), John Stamos (8/19), Demi Lovato (8/20), Hayden Panettiere (8/21), Ty Burrell (8/22), Kobe Bryant (8/23)

With the humid heat, emotions will, run hot this month. We should not avoid conflict however. Take situations as they arise on a solo basis, rather than attribute our personal bias or history. Address things as they come instead of worrying about their significant or insignificant meaning. Examine mood swings as they appear. Take nothing at face value or anything for granted now. We should shift our focus from fun and frivolity, and focus on the real things that matter to us. Whether it's work, money or love, whatever our greed, it should be attended to with great effort.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Edsel on Parade, 1957, by Charles Phoenix

I knowww, it's mesmerizing! That double-decker, deep-dish horse collar grill and all-around "Queen From Outer Space"-age styling is more than we mere Earthlings are hard-wired to comprehend.
We're lovin' the trio of beauty queen wannabees mistaking the back seat as a throne for three. Sit gently, please, those convertible top bows are brittle and breakable!
In 1957, the Ford Motor Company introduced their all-new and very ballyhooed Edsel, not as a new model, but as a whole new marquee, an entirely new line of cars...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Roaring Nightlife: See the LA Zoo in a Different Light

Rediscovering the LA Zoo with other grownups is a rare treat!  After all, the zoos are places where children go to see animals.  Roaring Nights seamlessly converts the sun-drenched kettlecorn and plush souvenir safari into a fun, comfortable night habitat for adults, which still has kettle corn and gift shops.  A friend I ran into at the event commented that she was genuinely surprised this was the same place.   

Roaring Nights is essentially a party with exotic animals, and it drew a big enough crowd to feel lively and popular.  The event is laid out like an archipelago, featuring centers of activity carefully scattered just out of sight of one another all across the sprawling campus.  They seemed to pop up out of the darkness as I wandered between islands of art and food and music.  The distributed layout created welcome quieter spaces to relax between the busy attractions.  It was also a treat to walk around the LA Zoo’s expansive asphalt paths without the usual midday heat.  Attendees are a relatively even mix of all ages from recent high school grads to couples with grey hair, with a healthy population of attractive twenty-somethings.  

The “animal artistry paint party,” a series of tables with paper and paint for making postcard-sized artworks just inside the gate was pretty quiet when I arrived but built up a crowd by the end of the night.  At the next island in, zoo personnel in their khaki best have a variety of smaller animals for people to interact with.   I stopped by mini-presentations on an armadillo, two snakes, which I got to touch, and an adorable hedgehog.   The larger of two music venues featured live rock music at authentic rock concert volume which drew a dense and enthusiastic crowd.  It is also net to the carousel, which runs all night for $3 per rider.  The DJ and dance floor on the opposite side of the campus had a mellower atmosphere.  Food was provided by popular food trucks, arranged into several mini food-courts. The zoo also provides surprisingly thorough, if expensive bars in all the food areas.  Daytime zoo-lovers, fear not, the kettle corn stand is open.

Parking is free and easy, even if you’re a little fashionably late.  There’s a very fast security gate to walk through and wristbands to identify the over-21s.  I got carded! Try to wander to the big outdoor exhibts while there is still some light, as none of the enclosures are lighted, and many of the larger mammals do not come out at night.  You are probably not going to see a lion at Roaring Nights.  The gorillas don’t stay out past 8:00.  Once it does get dark, the reptile houses are a good bet for animal viewing.  

Zoo volunteers carry little flashlights, which they use to point out animals at night.  I’m not sure how I feel about shining a flashlight into an animal’s habitat, but it is a potentially useful accessory.  On the other hand, there’s also a special sort of pleasure in working to find a little moving shape in the dark, and knowing that you and you alone found the outline of a Koala climbing up his tree.  The elephants stay up late, and their white tusks are particularly striking in the darkness.  The animals are different at night – some are asleep, of course, but the ones who stay up for the party seem genuinely intrigued by the unaccustomed throngs of nighttime visitors.  And the grownups are different too, more willing to ooh and ahh at the razor jaws of a false gharial.  A couple highlights for my group included standing in front of a dark, empty enclosure, when someone’s camera flash drew out a little herd of inquisitive Zebras, and a paca which was so excited by our presence that it ran circles around its cage for its rapidly growing audience.   

Upcoming Roaring Nights at the LA Zoo, July 24 and August 21, 7-11pm.  18+ only.  Tickets at

--Matt Share (

Friday, July 3, 2015

'The Thing' at Last, Dragoon, AZ

Traveling the southwest in any direction on Interstate 10, it's impossible to miss the impressive parade of billboards promoting "The Thing."
What is it, is the very reason to stop at this iconic American roadside attraction, celebrating 65 years (50 at this location), exhibited in an old shed 60-ish miles east of Tucson.
I'd never been there until recently, road-tripping from Texas to California. If nothing else, it's a chance to stretch your legs and satisfy your curiosity. So, that's exactly what I did.
The first surprise is that it costs just one dollar to see whatever it is you're going to see. Having no idea of what to expect, I eagerly dropped a dollar and opened the door to this time-honored curiosity...

Summertime Sensation: “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Theatricum Botanicum by M.R. Hunter

Summer is the season of Scout. In the "tired old town" of Maycomb, Alabama, a six-year old girl in overalls chases after her older brother Jem, while their widowed father Atticus Finch valiantly defends Tom Robinson, a black man charged with the rape of a young, white woman. On July 11, 1960, Harper Lee's novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird" was published, earning a Pulitzer Prize for its Southern Gothic style, and vivid characters caught in a slow boil of prejudices and racism. Two years later, a wider audience followed along with Scout in the film adaptation starring Gregory Peck as Atticus. To this day, the acclaimed solo novel has never been out of print.

It's summer, 55 years after the initial publication of "To Kill a Mockingbird." On July, 14, 2015, Harper Lee's much-anticipated sequel will undoubtedly fly off the bookshelves by eager readers, following this time, an adult Scout returning to her small town to make peace with her childhood through the differing eyes of maturity and a country in the zenith of the civil rights movement.

This season, Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum brings the beloved characters of Scout (Lily Andrew) and Atticus (Richard Tyson) to the stage. It is only providence that this play adaptation happens to coincide with the timely publication of Ms. Lee's sequel as the play was selected before the release of this literary jaw-dropping news. It is also providence, (albeit a far uglier one), that our country is still very much divided on issues of race, justice and civil rights both mortally and ethically. Lee's novel was slightly ahead of its time, and may have contributed to the growing awareness in America regarding segregation, racism and the results of these...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Cancer!

For the month of 6/22/15-7/22/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity June Cancers: Prince William (6/21), Meryl Streep (6/22), Randy Jackson (6/23), Lionel Messi (6/24), George Michael (6/25), Chris O'Donnell (6/26), Khloe Kardashian (6/27), Kellie Pickler (6/28), Gary Busey (6/29), Mike Tyson (6/30)

Celebrity July Cancers: Missy Elliott (7/1), Ashley Tisdale (7/2), Tom Cruise (7/3), Malia Obama (7/4), Edie Falco (7/5), Kevin Hart (7/6), Ringo Starr (7/7), Jaden Smith (7/8), Tom Hanks (7/9), Jessica Simpson (7/10), Lil Kim (7/11), Michelle Rodriguez (7/12), Harrison Ford (7/13), Jane Lynch (7/14), Arianna Huffington (7/15), Will Ferrell (7/16), David Hasselhoff (7/17), Vin Diesel (7/18), Benedict Cumberbatch (7/19), Gisele Bundchen (7/20), Josh Hartnett (7/21), Selkena Gomez (7/22)

This is an excellent time for expressing our feelings to those closest to us. Most signs will need social outlets and connections with others. This can be excellent timing for those who are faced with a major decision. Asking for advice or simply talking a situation out with a confidante could be just the support needed in order to move forward. The next few weeks provide a welcome opportunity for initiating new projects or any startup. We should only explore this period if we have finished everything else. Short of diving in, we can use this social period to brainstorm.

You'd Like It Better If They Tried Harder - review by Mark Share

Shakespeare's As You Like It is one of the five plays in summer rotation at Topanga Canyon's Theatricum Botanicum, and the best thing about the experience is the outdoor theater as the setting for the young lovers to run around the forest with the massive oak tree on which Orlando pins his love notes.  The production is a revival of a forgettable one this troupe did years ago, which muddles everything by putting a post-Civil War façade on this Elizabethan romance.  How about setting Breakfast at Tiffany's in immediate post-WWII Germany; that would increase the comedy and romance, right?  Instead of what could be a fast-paced romp without an intermission, the production is dragged out, actually just stops dead, to present performances of "authentic" nineteenth century songs.  It's as excruciating as it sounds.

The other big problem is nepotism and the aging of the company.  It was once considered revolutionary to have a woman in her 30's play Rosalind, who is a beautiful teen (cross-dressing as Ganymede) and witty, eventual match for Orlando.  This production stars the founders' mid-30's daughter Willow Geer (who also starred years ago in this group's prior production), but pretending as a teen rather than making a point of her age, all dotingly directed by her mother Ellen Geer, who laughed throughout the performance when no one else did.  Willow Geer was not even born during the lifetime of the theater's namesake, Will Geer; why in this city of performers is Willow Geer starring again as Rosalind?  It's time for this "non-profit" to turn itself over to new performers and directors outside the hereditary descendants of the founders (it's depressingly rear-guard considering the communist leanings of the founders), and to try a little harder, no matter how forgiving the lovely setting.

The official photo pretty much says it all.

As You Like It at the Theatricum Botanicum through September 26, 2015..  (310) 455-2322

Friday, June 19, 2015

Tail O’ The Pup Lost And Found, Los Angeles, CA, 1962 by Charles Phoenix

Strung pennants blowing in the breeze, an Arden Ice Cream truck passing by and a Ford convertible parked at the curb provide a perfect backdrop for Los Angeles' most playful architectural icon. The famous fast food stand is world class. There is no better place in the known universe to enjoy a hot dog...

Summer Outdoor Entertainment 2015

Summer in L.A. is all about the experience and not so much about the money. Grab your friends and a cooler, a blanket, and a picnic. You'll find plenty of summer events and low cost al fresco entertainment all over town.

Levitt Pavilions - free concerts during the summer

FREE CONCERTS: Some of the best things in summer are free. Look around you're own neighborhood. You'll find free concerts, film screenings and theatre in parks, shopping centers, museums, and other nooks and crannies that have a patch of grass or some asphalt to setup a stage and some seating in...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Pretty In Titty Pink, Modernica Factory, Vernon, CA by Charles Phoenix

In the world of mid-century mod home décor, Modernica is a pillar of civilization. For the last 25-ish years, they have been manufacturing and handcrafting a wildly wide variety of no nonsense fabulous furnitureness. Most of it in SoCal, at their over the top facility in Vernon. And what a thrill it was to get a private tour of it...

Friday, May 29, 2015

The World’s a Stage at Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga by M.R. Hunter

If all the world's a stage, then Will Geer's Theatricum Botanicum must be a sliver of utopia. Nestled in the verdant canyons of Topanga, the outdoor theater run by three generations of Will Geer's immediate family members has been offering a respite from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune for over 40 years. Their annual repertory season includes the fan-favorite "A Midsummer Night's Dream" along with another of Shakespeare's plays and staged classics as well as contemporary plays and experimental work in their 99-seat intimate stage area, all surrounded by trees, gardens and a sense of otherworldliness by its natural environs.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Gemini! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 5/21/15-6/21/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity May Gemini's: Mr. T (5/21), Naomi Campbell (5/22), Drew Carey (5/23), Bob Dylan (5/24), Mike Myers (5/25), Helena Bonham Carter (5/26), Louis Gossett Jr. (5/27), Kylie Minogue (5/28), Daniel Tosh (5/29), Idina Menzel (5/30), Clint Eastwood (5/31)

Celebrity June Gemini's: Morgan Freeman (6/1), Justin Long (6/2), Anderson Cooper (6/3), Angelina Jolie (6/4), Mark Wahlberg (6/5), Robert Englund (6/6), Prince (6/7), Kanye West (6/8), Johnny Depp (6/9), Kate Upton (6/10), Peter Dinklage (6/11), George Bush (6/12), Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (6/13), Donald Trump (6/14), Ice Cube (6/15), Laurie Metcalf (6/16), Barry Manilow (6/17), Blake Shelton (6/18), Paula Abdul (6/19), Nicole Kidman (6/20)

May heading into June will see most signs kicking back or feeling frisky. Last minute travel or invites should be accepted as we break up our routines with more frivolity. Water and Fire could be doused with alone time, while Air and Earth should embrace the company of others. This period can complement those who've been working around the clock with rest and relaxation. For signs who are trying to get their motors running, this would be an excellent oomph to start. View the next few weeks as a time to switch it up, apply what we've learned and make peace.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Downtown LA’s Classic Local Foods, Olvera Street, LA, CA by Charles Phoenix

Everywhere I travel, I always ask, "What's the local food here?" Seems every place has something edible they're known for, and our beloved downtown LA is no exception.
Among the classic downtown foods we enjoy on my "Disneyland" tour of Downtown Los Angeles, delicious eggrolls at Hop Louis, since 1941, fantastic French Dip Sandwiches at Phillipe's, since 1908, mouth-watering, fresh strawberry whipped cream cake from the Phoenix Bakery, since 1938, and tasty taquitos at Cielito Lindo, where they've been perfecting the recipe since 1934! And believe me, they've perfected it! I call these shredded beef-filled, rolled, deep-fried corn tortillas served with green chili sauce LA's original Olvera Street food...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bug Chefs, Butterflies, Exotic Live Insects at Natural History Museum's Bug Fair

The 29th Annual Bug Fair at NHM: The Year of the Butterfly

Saturday and Sunday, May 16–17, 2015

  The biggest bug festival in North America is at the Natural History Museum.
Cooking demonstrations and tastings with bug chefs, the latest craze in culinary exploration: David George Gordon, Zack Lemann, David Grace.
There will be over 50 buggy vendors inside the Museum. From exotic insect collections to live pet tarantulas, millipedes, centipedes, scorpions, and other arthropods for sale. Plus specialty bug-related products like local honey, silk, wax, and bug-inspired artwork.  
Hear from butterfly expert Dr. Elizabeth Long and meet Museum entomology curator Dr. Brian Brown. Time to "bug" real Museum entomologists with your questions!
Join The Bug Chicks and learn about the body parts, biology, and behaviors that help bugs in their daily lives.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Found Frank Lloyd Wright, Scottsdale, AZ by Charles Phoenix

Welcome to the DAVID and GLADYS WRIGHT HOUSE in Scottsdale, AZ.
David's daddy-O, Frank Lloyd Wright, designed the home for his son and daughter-in-law in 1952. It's the new superstar in the galaxy of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterworks.
Thankfully, it was recently saved from the wrecking-ball (shocking, but true) and is currently being faithfully restored and readied for public tours, for the first time...

Friday, April 24, 2015

“Recorded in Hollywood” Spotlights L.A. Music History by M.R. Hunter

In 1948, John Dolphin, a black businessman from Detroit, relocated to Los Angeles and made music history when he opened a record store on Vernon near Central Avenue called "Dolphin's of Hollywood." Unable to procure a space in Hollywood due to racism, Dolphin, also known by the nickname "Lovin' John," decided to bring Hollywood to South Los Angeles. What he accomplished before his murder in 1958 was more than just selling records, he became a major influence in the transitional period of rock n' roll and R & B, creating his own labels and introducing a hungry generation to artists like Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday, Little Richard, James Brown, B.B. King and Tina Turner among many others.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Neon Boneyard Museum, Las Vegas, NV by Charles Phoenix

The Neon Boneyard is the heart and soul of Las Vegas.
To stroll thru this time-travel treasure trove of over-the-top, mostly mid-century, vintage Vegas signage and other extraordinary Sin City artifacts is like being transported to some sort of parallel universe, where you are thrilled to feel about 3 feet tall. The signs are way, way bigger than you thought, when you are standing right next to them.
The fact that all of these sensational signs were saved is nothing short of a MIRACLE. 

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Taurus by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 4/20/15-5/20/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity April Taurus: Shemar Moore (4/20), Queen Elizabeth II (4/21), Jack Nicholson (4/22), George Lopez (4/23), Kelly Clarkson (4/24), Al Pacino (4/25), Channing Tatum (4/26), Sheena Easton (4/27), Jessica Alba (4/28), Jerry Seinfeld (4/29), Kirsten Dunst (4/30

Celebrity May Taurus: Tim McGraw (5/1), Dwayne Johnson (5/2), Frankie Valli (5/3), Lance Bass (5/4), Adele (5/5), George Clooney (5/6), Traci Lords (5/7), Melissa Gilbert (5/8), Billy Joel (5/9), Bono (5/10), Mike Lupica (5/11), Tony Hawk (5/12), Robert Pattinson (5/13), Mark Zuckerberg (5/14), Emmitt Smith (5/15), Megan Fox (5/16), Bob Saget (5/17), Tina Fey (5/18), Grace Jones (5/19), Cher (5/20)

All signs should be focused on career and money matters this month. It's a good time to vault ahead or review your current situation. Focus on long term gains rather than immediate benefits, as these could actually cost more down the road. Concentrate by digging in, committing to your task fully without procrastination or avoidance. Be frugal right now. Free events can help cut down wasted entertainment expenses. Pay attention to areas of your life that seem stagnant. Change can be positive during this transitional window. Take advantage!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Music + Poetry + Art Tours @ Union Station

Metro Presents

Son Mayor

Friday, April 10
45-minute sets at 8:00pm & 9:00pm
Union Station Fred Harvey Room

One of the most sought-after Latin bands in Los Angeles, Son Mayor brings a captivating vintage and contemporary Cuban sound. Voted "Best Salsa Band" by the LA Weekly, the high-energy band formed nearly two decades ago, and has since performed alongside major artists such as Chucho Valdez at the Hollywood Bowl, Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Los Van Van, Sonora Ponceña, Oscar D'León, El Canario, Ozomatli, and Los Muñequitos De Matanzas. Led by the Ortiz brothers–Eddie, Julian, Alfred "El Niño," and Georgie–the band features a danceable blend of horn, bass, and percussion.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Epic Roadside Dinosaurs – Cabazon, CA by Charles Phoenix

Beloved epic land-of-the-giants scale roadside Dinosaurs delight in, Cabazon CA since 1964 !!! …THANK YOOOU PEE WEE HERMAN !!! … for immortalizing these roadside relics in your totallyyy classic BIG ADVENTURE movie !!! … which, of course … happens to be one 'o my faaave flicks of alll time !!! … I KNOWWW !!! … And yes these are the greatest fake dinosaurs on earth !!! …

By Charles Phoenix

*Cabazon is a roadside attraction just west of Palm Springs, off the I-10.

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Aries! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 3/20/15-4/20/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity March Arians: Hal Linden (3/20), Gary Oldman (3/21), Reece Witherspoon (3/22), Perez Hilton (3/23), Jim Parsons (3/24), Elton John (3/25), Steven Tyler (3/26), Mariah Carey (3/27), Lady Gaga (3/28), Lucy Lawless (3/29), Celine Dion (3/30), Ewan McGregor (3/31)

Celebrity April Arians: Asa Butterfield (4/1), Christopher Meloni (4/2), Eddie Murphy (4/3), Robert Downey Jr. (4/4), Pharrell Williams (4/5), Candace Cameron (4/6), Jackie Chan (4/7), John Schneider (4/8), Kristen Stewart (4/9), Mandy Moore (4/10), Alessandra Ambrosio (4/11), Jennifer Morrison (4/12), Ron Perlman (4/13), Abigail Breslin (4/14), Emma Watson (4/15), Martin Lawrence (4/16), Victoria Beckham (4/17), David Tennant (4/18), James Franco (4/19), Shemar Moore (4/20)

This month will be full of surprises—most of them pleasant. Go with the flow and adapt to changing circumstances instead of meeting them with resistance. Earth and Air signs can expect a quieter phase, while Fire and Water will be running at top speed. All signs should strive towards balance between their work-week and playtime. Expect highs and lows of bouts of confidence and insecurity. Master these feelings with levity and good humor. We can avoid anything too serious right now so enjoy the playfulness of others. Choose the easy breezy.