Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Aquarius!

For the month of 1/20/15-2/18/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity January Aquarians: Stacey Dash (1/20), Jerry Trainor (1/21), Guy Fieri (1/22), Mariska Hargitay (1/23), Neil Diamond (1/24), Alicia Keys (1/25), Ellen DeGeneres (1/26), Alan Cumming (1/27), Elijah Wood (1/28), Oprah Winfrey (1/29), Christian Bale (1/30), Justin Timberlake (1/31)

Celebrity February Aquarians: Lisa Marie Presley (2/1), Shakira (2/2), Nathan Lane (2/3), Alice Cooper (2/4), Laura Linney (2/5), Axl Rose (2/6), Chris Rock (2/7), Seth Green (2/8), Judith Light (2/9), Emma Roberts (2/10), Taylor Lautner (2/11), Tara Strong (2/12), Jerry Springer (2/13), Florence Henderson (2/14), Matt Groening (2/15), Ice T (2/16), Michael Jordan (2/17), John Travolta (2/18)

The next few weeks will be about diplomacy and cooperation for most signs. This is a good time for negotiations, finalizing legal or financial matters, and tending to the home and family. We'd do better to not start anything new until we've cleared up the old. Water and Air will be reflective, but Fire and Earth should also slow down and review their goals. Anything involving details, paperwork, filing or the like should be done to allow a fresh perspective and clean slate. Clear up any confusion surrounding property or investments before signing on the dotted line.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Metro Art: New jazz + Lovers tour + Mardi Gras

Taking the L.A. Metro is a great way to explore L.A.  But did you know that Metro Art (metro.net/art) offers a year round program of FREE art tours and special events?

Here are a few coming up in the next few weeks...

Metro Presents

Kamasi Washington + The Next Step

Friday, January 23
8:00 - 10:00pm (doors open 7:45pm)
Union Station Fred Harvey Room

Kamasi Washington & The Next Step is a cutting edge assembly of some of the finest and most sought after musicians in the world. Led by innovative saxophonist Kamasi Washington, this band of virtuosic, creative local treasures pulls from an immeasurably vast pool of musical genres, from John Coltrane to Claude Debussy to Jay Dilla to Ravi Shankar.    

DJ Carlos NiƱo (Spaceways Radio on KPFK) spinning before & in between sets.

The Mudbug Brass Band

Fat Tuesday, February 17
4:00 - 6:00pm
Union Station, all over

Celebrate Mardi Gras at Union Station with The Mudbug Brass Band. Louisiana-rooted but Los Angeles based, the 8-piece New Orleans Jazz band is dedicated to the Second Line tradition, drawing from New Orleans traditional jazz, R&B, funk and Mardi Gras.

True to Mardi Gras spirit, the group will lead a procession through the station. More details to come.    

Metro Presents showcases an exciting array of arts and cultural programs at historic Union Station. All events are free and open to the public. For more information: metro.net/unionstation and click on Events.

Metro Art Moves

Union Station Art & Architecture Tour

Sunday, February 8
10:30am - 12:30pm
Meet at Union Station Information Kiosk, inside Alameda Street entrance

Led by trained Metro Art Docents, the tour will cover historic Union Station art, architecture and spaces not generally open to the public, including the Historic Ticketing Hall and former Fred Harvey restaurant. Additionally, the tour will explore artworks located in the Gold Line Portal, Union Station East and inside the Metro Gateway Headquarters Building. Tour is free. Reservations are not required. Meet at the information booth inside the Alameda Street entrance to historic Union Station.

Photo courtesy Independent Shakespeare Company

The Course of True Love
Valentine's Tour

Saturday, February 14
3:00 – 5:00 pm
Meet at Union Station Information Kiosk, inside Alameda Street entrance

Celebrate (or bemoan) Valentine's Day with an exploration of contemporary art in the Metro system and the timeless poetry of Shakespeare. The Independent  Shakespeare Company will be along for the ride and regale tour-goers with scenes involving the lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Each scene will follow a discussion of select Metro station artwork, linking the artwork's central message or architecture to the performance. The free, one night only tour travels from Union Station to South Pasadena viewing works of art representing travel, change, and dreams, and witnessing the journey of love between four lovers.

Tour is limited to the first 50 attendees. First-come first-served.

For more information on tours:
metro.net/art and click on Art Tours

Friday, January 9, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Capricorn! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 12/23/14-1/20/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity January Capricorns: Verne Mini-Me Troyer (1/1), Cuba Gooding Jr. (1/2), Eli Manning (1/3), Michael Stipe (1/4), Bradley Cooper (1/5), Rowan Atkinson (1/6), Nicolas Cage (1/7), Stephen Hawking (1/8), Kate Middleton (1/9), Rod Stewart (1/10), Mary J. Blige (1/11), Howard Stern (1/12), Liam Hemsworth  (1/13), LL Cool J (1/14), Pitbull (1/15), Kate Moss (1/16), Betty White (1/17), Jason Segel (1/18), Dolly Parton (1/19), Stacey Dash (1/20)

2015 is off to a roaring start! Most signs will be energized and feeling very social. This is an excellent time to reconnect with a long lost pal, rekindle an old flame or spend quality time with those that matter most. Take the initiative by reaching out to someone you hold dear. Water and Earth signs should be focused on home and family matters. Fire and Air will do best traveling and or putting their energies into careers.  Any outstanding projects left unfinished from last year should be addressed and completed immediately. Finalization brings a fresh start and freedom.