Friday, March 27, 2015

Epic Roadside Dinosaurs – Cabazon, CA by Charles Phoenix

Beloved epic land-of-the-giants scale roadside Dinosaurs delight in, Cabazon CA since 1964 !!! …THANK YOOOU PEE WEE HERMAN !!! … for immortalizing these roadside relics in your totallyyy classic BIG ADVENTURE movie !!! … which, of course … happens to be one 'o my faaave flicks of alll time !!! … I KNOWWW !!! … And yes these are the greatest fake dinosaurs on earth !!! …

By Charles Phoenix

*Cabazon is a roadside attraction just west of Palm Springs, off the I-10.

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Aries! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 3/20/15-4/20/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity March Arians: Hal Linden (3/20), Gary Oldman (3/21), Reece Witherspoon (3/22), Perez Hilton (3/23), Jim Parsons (3/24), Elton John (3/25), Steven Tyler (3/26), Mariah Carey (3/27), Lady Gaga (3/28), Lucy Lawless (3/29), Celine Dion (3/30), Ewan McGregor (3/31)

Celebrity April Arians: Asa Butterfield (4/1), Christopher Meloni (4/2), Eddie Murphy (4/3), Robert Downey Jr. (4/4), Pharrell Williams (4/5), Candace Cameron (4/6), Jackie Chan (4/7), John Schneider (4/8), Kristen Stewart (4/9), Mandy Moore (4/10), Alessandra Ambrosio (4/11), Jennifer Morrison (4/12), Ron Perlman (4/13), Abigail Breslin (4/14), Emma Watson (4/15), Martin Lawrence (4/16), Victoria Beckham (4/17), David Tennant (4/18), James Franco (4/19), Shemar Moore (4/20)

This month will be full of surprises—most of them pleasant. Go with the flow and adapt to changing circumstances instead of meeting them with resistance. Earth and Air signs can expect a quieter phase, while Fire and Water will be running at top speed. All signs should strive towards balance between their work-week and playtime. Expect highs and lows of bouts of confidence and insecurity. Master these feelings with levity and good humor. We can avoid anything too serious right now so enjoy the playfulness of others. Choose the easy breezy.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Bach in the Subways L.A.

Bach in the Subways L.A. will celebrate the 330th birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach this Saturday, March 21, 2015 with pop-up performances of the German composer's repertoire throughout Los Angeles. Part of the global Bach in the Subways Day 2015, this special day of music is a unique opportunity for classical musicians to bring their instruments to the streets and public spaces of L.A. and play for the community.
A few standouts among the day's events will be an unprecedented 10-hour Bach Marathon in downtown L.A.'s Union Station. The 1930s rail terminal will be the site for chamber music performances by ENLIGHTENMENT MUSIC SERIES of the Orchestral Suite No. 2, the Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 and the Bach Double Violin Concerto; an organ recital played on an Allen Organ donated by the Los Angeles Organ Company; and a solo viola performance by the genre-fusing musician and composer MIGUEL ATWOOD-FERGUSON.

Performances are scheduled at other noteworthy public spaces and neighborhoods as well... 

Friday, March 6, 2015

METRO ART PRESENTS: Charles Phoenix + Triple Chicken Foot + Art Tours + Poster Signings

Upcoming free events in March

Photo: Gary Leonard

Metro Presents

Charles Phoenix: Downtown Los Angelesland

FREE Live Slide Show Performance!
Friday, March 13
7:00 – 8:15pm (doors open 6:30pm)
Union Station Historic Ticketing Hall

Ever think of the Gold Line as the Monorail?
The freeway as the Autopia?
The Bob Baker Marionette Theater as Fantasyland?

"Rediscover the heart and soul of our city as I have," says Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, "Downtown Los Angeles is like a great big theme park!" Charles explores the backstories and glories of legendary landmarks and iconic attractions while revealing hidden treasures and time warps along the way.

This is your "theme park" guide to Union Station, Olvera Street, Chinatown, Little Tokyo, Angels Flight, Bradbury Building, Grand Central Market, Broadway's movie palaces, Echo Park, Carroll Avenue, Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Clifton's Cafeteria, Philippe's and much more.

Ambassador of Americana Charles Phoenix is a festive food crafter, field tripper and collector of Kodachrome. His spirited live performances, madcap videos, field trip tours, culinary concoctions and coffee table books, explore America's classic and kitschy pop cultural past and present.

Program is free and open to all ages.

Guests are welcome to bring food and drink (no alcohol is permitted).