Friday, January 31, 2014

Year of the Wood Horse: Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for 2014 by Cici Psy-Chic

The Chinese New Year marks a change in its annual 12-totem zodiac. This year is represented by the Wood Horse. It is a very lucky combination of both the element and the animal—together it portends renewed passion, vitality, travel and sociability. Conversely, the horse is a stubborn creature which could make for greater miscommunications, physical stress, uncertainty and superficial pursuits. Unbridled enthusiasm can urge us to be more spontaneous but taken too far and we could become reckless. Depending on your sign, the Wood Horse can prompt us to move forward but we must be aware of what it is we’re galloping towards. Horses in a Horse year may find themselves coming into their own or seeking out greener pastures. They might struggle however from being too horsey for most others to take. Be bold, courageous and run wild occasionally but also be willing to fall into a trot and cantor.

Find your sign by the year, month and date of your birth...

A Rooftop Drive-in All Year Round? Only in L.A.

If you want to do something really cool that requires tickets or reservations, it often pays to plan ahead. 

Baby it's cold outside (at least at night). What could be more romantic than snuggling together in your car on a rooftop downtown while viewing Bogart and Bergman in the film classic "Casablanca" at a drive-in Valentine's Day weekend.  That's what Electric Dusk Drive-In will be screening that weekend. Even if this event is sold out... which it may already be (I just checked and it looks like they only have Astroturf seating tickets left), a reservation for a future film screening might make a great gift. 

Snacks and beverages are available when the gates open as well as other pre-show activities.

Casablanca Saturday, February 15th at 7:00pm. Gates open at 5:30pm.

For more information and a full schedule visit

Thursday, January 30, 2014


When did psychiatry become synonymous with death? Ever since the "watchdog investigating and exposing psychiatric human rights violations," namely the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (supported by the Church of Scientology) opened their doors in 2005. The outside modern façade and steely signage is enough to piqué one's interest, along with the fiercely pronounced charge against mental sciences. 

That and this is a free self-guided tour. FREE! Of course you'll probably want some refreshments after...

Salsa music and dancing at Union Station FRIDAY! (1/31)

Head over to Union Station on Friday, Jan 31 and hear a free performance by LA Picante. 

The performance will take place inside the former Fred Harvey Restaurant, a dramatic space that's usually closed to the public. Bring your dance shoes!

Founded in 2005, LA Picante plays a celebrated blend of classic salsa, collectively drawing from years of experience playing with the top Latin jazz and salsa groups in Los Angeles. Band members hail from Cuba, Colombia, Argentina and the U.S. Fiery classics by Willie Colon, Eddie Palmieri, Ruben Blades and many more fill out the group's repertoire.

Friday, January 31
6:00 - 8:00pm (mini dance lesson in between sets!)
Union Station Fred Harvey Room

For more information: station and click on Events

Union Station is accessible via Metro Rail, Metro Bus and several municipal bus lines. Use the 
Trip Planner at for routes and connections. Car and bicycle parking are also available on site.

Find our what else is going on in Downtown L.A. this weekend on the Eye Spy LA calendar.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jefferson, Dickens and Tolstoy are Irresistible in “Discord” by M.R. Hunter

Discord abounds in Scott Carter's world premiere as egos clash in a philosophical debate concerning theology, epistemology, and metaphysics in an existential battle of self-judgment.  

Three famous writers from three different time periods have one thing they all share: their faith. That faith, however, is subject to scrutiny by themselves and each other as they are confined to a white room in the hereafter. For these erudite captives, purgatory soon transforms into a hellish prison as they discover their personal beliefs run counter to their temporal justifications while challenging their cell mates' notion of absolute truth discoverable in the KJV gospels.


January 24, 2014
We really could use some rain...

BUT if we must have sunny winter days, we might as well take advantage of them. Take a drive to the beach.  Local beaches are much less crowded and can be delightful at this time of the year (see our story below).  

Here are a few more of our picks for what's doing this week (you'll find more at

MONDAY: Use it or lose it.  DAKIM BRAINFITNESS head to Crowell Library while they are testing this new system and try it out.

TUESDAY: free community cinema 
LAS MARTHAS in Torrance

WEDNESDAY: head to the Reagan Presidential Library for a SPY EXHIBIT LUNCH AND TOUR.

THURSDAY: attention Loretta Young fans head to the 


SATURDAY: Get physical and meet L.A. locals  - PLAY ON AN ADULT SPORTS LEAGUE! in Santa Monica

TOPANGA VINTAGE MARKET AT PIERCE COLLEGE is a top rated monthly flea market held at Pierce College.

ANYDAY: Some things are always fun to do... Check out our Places to Go Anytime and Things To Do pages for plenty of ideas that are available on a regular basis.
  • CLASSES & SEMINARS - Start 2014 by learning a new mad skill.
  • ART - Discover what local artisans are doing and coin a new movement.
  • THEATER - Never fear! Theater in LA is here.
  • KIDS STUFF - Do something even the little ones will enjoy.

DiscountsDISCOUNTS - there are some really good ones right now. From whale watching to kids shows... entertain yourself at a discount. All at very reasonable prices. Even better, most of the discounts offered are direct from the event/activity producers and do not involve additional fees to receive the discount.

Try something different to do this week! Have something different to talk about next week.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Eyestrology LA - Happy Birthday Aquarius by Cici Psy-Chic

AQUARIUS 1/20/14-2/18/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity January Aquarians: Edwin Buzz Aldrin (1/20), Billy Ocean (1/21), Diane Lane (1/22), Antonio Villaraigosa (1/23), Aaron Neville (1/24), Alicia Keys (1/25), Ellen DeGeneres (1/26), Alan Cumming (1/27), Joey Fatone Jr. (1/28), Oprah Winfrey (1/29), Christian Bale (1/30), Portia De Rossi (1/31)

Celebrity February Aquarians: Lisa Marie Presley (2/1), Shakira (2/2), Nathan Lane (2/3), Alice Cooper (2/4), Jennifer Jason Leigh (2/5), Rip Torn (2/6), Chris Rock (2/7), Seth Green (2/8), Judith Light (2/9), Laura Dern (2/10), Brandy (2/11), Judy Blume (2/12), Prince Michael Jackson (2/13), Florence Henderson (2/14), Matt Groening (2/15), Ice T. (2/16), Paris Hilton (2/17), Dr. Dre (2/18)

Now's the time to take a flying leap as we head deep into 2014 and the Chinese New Year by playing fast and loose whenever we can. The weather couldn't be finer for us to be outside. Emotionally, many signs will be suffering from an unattractive case of ego and selfishness. We all would do well to consider others in any social circumstance among strangers and relations. Should issues arise, Fire and Water signs will do better at logical discussion while Air and Earth need to pay attention to how their message is landing. Maintain civility and employ diplomacy. 

If you don't leave home without consulting your chart read the full scope for Aquarius and all of other signs...

Confront and Embrace Death in Hollywood by M.R. Hunter

Whatever someone's proclivity, there are others who share a mutual fascination… no matter if it's downright bizarre. One such place is the Museum of Death in Hollywood.  It foregoes the usual art collection for an assemblage of gory artifacts, mental terrors and eclectic bric-a-brac. This house of horrors is worth visiting at least once and is an easy way to kill a couple of hours (pun intended).

The name says it all although the focus is not solely on death in the natural sense but on a wide variety of homicides, manmade killing machines, cults, assassinations and cultural rites. It's a trip through the worst aspects of human nature complete with graphic photos and related items.

Catherine Shultz and J.D. Healy have been avid collectors of morbidity for over twenty years. They first opened their museum in San Diego but saw a bigger need to fill in the heart of Hollywood. Located in a deceptively small house painted with a white skull amid flowery vines, the self-guided tour through death's notorious parts of history lasts about 45 minutes for those who can stomach the offerings such as a mummified head of an ill-famed murderer, Henri Landru from France. It's real and spectacularly haunting especially while reading his biography.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter is a Beach

in Southern California so is summer for that matter. Surfers wait for a swell sunrise at Seaside Park in Ventura. The park is located across the street from the Ventura County Fairgrounds which hosts a weekly Flea Market on Sunday as well as many other special events.  Both are located a few blocks from old downtown where you'll find plenty of antique and other shops, eateries, and Mission San Buenaventura

There's always plenty to do in this area - check out what's going on now: Things to do in Ventura 

More information about visiting the City of Ventura

Ventura isn't the only beach to go to of course.  Basically any beach will do.  A couple of our favorites (because there is more than just the beach) are:

Paradise Cove in Malibu - this is a particularly beautiful private beach that has many amenities including a cafe.  It is so wildly popular on summer weekends that it causes major traffic problems on PCH.  However, a fine day in the winter is a great time to go there.

Venice Beach - always fun to go for the boardwalk scene. As the sun sets try the rooftop lounge at the Hotel Erwin - enjoy poke tacos, your favorite beverage, a comfy couch, and a spinning DJ with your view of the setting sun.

Newport Beach - a great place to get out on the water.  We went on a whale watching cruise there last summer and the trip did not disappoint.   

Friday, January 10, 2014

L.A. Natural History Museum First Fridays: Walk on the Wild Side by M.R. Hunter

The Natural History Museum is always an interesting place to visit.  But if you want some wild nightlife...  

Roar! Ahem…ROAR! Yeah, that's more like it. Unleash your wild side at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum on the first Friday of every month January through June.

We're colossal fans of the NHM, whether on a First Friday or any ole day. It's a badass, take no prisoners museum year-round but First Fridays brings out the movers and shakers to rattle the bones. Here's the scoop: on the first Friday of the first six months visitors can hobnob among the dearly and long since departed while enjoying fresh new bands, drinks in bars among the snarling stuffed saber toothed critters and feel pretty freakin' posh among the surroundings. Plus enjoy special themed lectures and guided tours.


L.A. Theatre Works Presents National Theatre Live in High Definition: Don’t Miss It! Review by M.R. Hunter

There is an invaluable opportunity to see the best theater coming out of London. It doesn't require a passport or a pat down through airport security. Located at the James Bridges Theater on the UCLA campus (convenient for Westsiders and southern valley folks), L.A. Theatre Works hosts monthly HD screenings straight from the boards of the National Theatre. "Great! Thanks for the reminder!" you might be saying to yourself only to forget five minutes later about this exciting program. Listen up, because I have some invaluable insights into both these screenings and the amazing double feature lineup tomorrow, Jan. 11, of "Hamlet" and "Frankenstein."

Time is valuable so let's start with the good stuff upfront. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley has suffered more than has been enlightened by cinematic adaptations and there is a current blockbuster with the inauspicious title "I Frankenstein" opening later this month. Forget every Frankenstein you've ever known unless you've already seen director Danny Boyle's humanistic production of Nick Dear's philosophical and psychological tragic adaptation. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller play dual roles as the Doctor Frankenstein and the monster. The names Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller should ring a couple of bells. Both are currently playing the role of Sherlock Holmes. Cumberbatch is starring in the BBC version and Miller stars alongside Lucy Liu in CBS' Elementary. Any fan of one or both of these shows should make a considerable effort to see what both these men are capable of beyond the restrictions of television drama. Nothing against these shows but after seeing "Frankenstein" it's difficult to watch Miller play anything else except the monster with a heart and a soul yearning for acceptance. Flip the roles, and Cumberbatch plays the monster this Saturday with Miller as Dr. Frankenstein. Two roles, two men in this 2011 world premiere right before both were cast as the idiosyncratic Holmes. Coincidence? Hardly, but it requires seeing where the magic all began and that's by making "Frankenstein" an absolute must on your bucket list.