Friday, February 20, 2015

Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Pisces! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 2/19/15-3/20/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity February Pisces: Dr. Dre (2/18), Jeff Daniels (2/19), Rihanna (2/20), Ellen Page (2/21), Drew Barrymore (2/22), Dakota Fanning (2/23), Floyd Mayweather Jr. (2/24), Lee Evans (2/25), Juliet Simms (2/26), Josh Groban (2/27), Bernadette Peters (2/28), Tony Robbins (2/29)

Celebrity March Pisces: Ron Howard (3/1), Daniel Craig (3/2), Jessica Biel (3/3), Patricia Heaton (3/4), Eva Mendes (3/5), Shaquille O'Neal (3/6), Bryan Cranston (3/7), Freddie Prinze Jr. (3/8), Matthew Gray Gubler (3/9), Carrie Underwood (3/10), John Barrowman (3/11), Liza Minnelli (3/12), William H Macy (3/13), Michael Caine (3/14), Will I Am (3/15), Jerry Lewis (3/16), Rob Lowe (3/17), Adam Levine (3/18), Bruce Willis (3/19), Spike Lee (3/20)

After the last retrograde, life should be easier and settling down for most signs. The next few weeks will be a good period for rest and reflection. We'd do better to stick with a routine now. Structure and follow through could free up the upcoming months for sun bathing and fun. Take each day as it comes though and don't plan too far ahead. Stay upbeat and on target with goals. Take pleasure in the simpler activities like a casual get-together with friends. Water and Earth signs should be out and about, while Air and Fire might do better staying close to their home.

Friday, February 13, 2015

"I Love You" Meatloaf by Charles Phoenix

Every holiday deserves its own very special meatloaf, and Valentine's Day is no exception… 
This classic tattoo/I Love Lucy inspired, savory dinner dish of deliciousness is the latest from the Charles Phoenix Test Kitchen …
Ketchup topped meatloaf for two, served on a bed of buttered mashed potatoes, decorated with fresh red, green and yellow bell peppers, brussel sprouts, grape tomatoes, carrot spikes and a crabapple !!! 
Go to HERE to watch how it's made...with love.