Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lunch at Bear Pit BBQ by Andrea Kirk

Lamb sandwich on garlic toast
The Bear Pit has been around forever and draws a big crowd for their wood smoked meats with tangy "Missouri" style sauce. They even have lamb and duck in addition to typical bbq pork and beef.

Their sandwiches on garlic toast are very tasty - my favorite is the lamb. The chicken is my favorite for dinner - it is crispy and smoky and they don't sauce it up - you can add the sauce yourself. Use their regular sauce though, I like it better than the sweet sauce they serve with the chicken.

Sawdust on the floor, wooden tables and an outdoor patio provide the old school bbq joint ambiance

The crispy quarter chicken makes a great light lunch.  The half chicken dinner is my favorite thing on the menu here.  It is basically wood smoked chicken that is finished in the fryer. I don't know any place making anything like this.

The Bear Pit
10825 Sepulveda Boulevard,
Mission Hills, CA 91345
(818) 365-2509

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