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Eyestrology - By Cici Psy-Chic

Sagittarius 11/22/13-12/22/13

Happy birthday to these celebrity November Sagittarians: Scarlett Johansson (11/22), Robin Rene Roberts (11/23), Katherine Heigl (11/24), Christina Applegate (11/25), Tina Turner (11/26), Jaleel White (11/27), Karen Gillan (11/28), Howie Mandel (11/29), Ben Stiller (11/30)

Celebrity December Sagittarians: Bette Midler (12/1), Lucy Liu (12/2), Amanda Seyfried (12/3), Marisa Tomei (12/4), Little Richard (12/5), JoBeth Williams (12/6), Larry Bird (12/7), Nicki Minaj (12/8), Simon Helberg (12/9), Raven Symone (12/10), Nikki Sixx (12/11), Bob Barker (12/12), Jamie Foxx (12/13), Vanessa Hudgens (12/14), Adam Brody (12/15), Benjamin Bratt (12/16), Milla Jovovich (12/17), Steven Spielberg (12/18), Alyssa Milano (12/19), Jonah Hill (12/20), Samuel L. Jackson (12/21), Jordin Sparks (12/22), Eddie Vedder (12/23)

With the holidays right around the corner, most signs will be feeling very sociable and animated. This is a good time to reconnect with old friends or distant family. We may experience the usual stress that comes with gatherings and get-togethers but we should try to roll with the season. Instead of doing the same ole routine, shake up the traditional by doing something new or going somewhere different. We'll be rushing around but leave enough time to reach your destination. Let's keep a cool head and be patient in the midst of the holiday rush and not act like turkeys.

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SAGITTARIUS – Essentials

November 23 – December 21/23
Your birthday month will see you being extraordinarily chatty while musing over deep issues. This is an excellent time for problem solving and exploring creative solutions and outlets. Underneath your sharply honed intellect will be an undercurrent of powerful emotions. Acknowledge your feelings and try to incorporate them into your keen stratagems and planning. Like it or not, you'll need to be self-reflective over the next few weeks. Review your personal dynamics and make adjustments. Balancing your heart, mind and everyday matter is essential.

"That which is essential is invisible to the eye" or visible in the case of Art.   

CAPRICORN – Stop the Insanity
December 22/24 – January 20
It feels like you have all the answers to the questions being posed to you right now. It's rather infuriating as you keep providing the same response over and over to no avail. Perhaps it's time to change the script. A major rewrite isn't necessary but a few edits and redrafts could help. Domestically, you're running around to beat sixty. Your fears of being caught short or not having the right paprika spice is causing you to spin. Stop the insanity! Make a checklist and stick to it. Plan for eventualities but don't worry over every little detail. Stress less this holiday!

Chill out with Books & Readings.

January 21 – February 18
Act from your sign's sense of purpose this month! Don't let grass grow underneath your feet. The next few weeks can be extremely beneficial and productive so long as you're on the go. Get out and about—no excuses now! Prioritize from order of importance not what you'd rather do. Attend to the big stuff with gusto and turn your attention away from hobbies or luxuries for now. Brainstorm in the midst of readying yourself for the holidays but keep your focus on the present. You'll find solutions and creative moments of insight to delve into later. Stay on task and on target!

Stay on task with Health & Fitness.  

February 19 – March 20
You're in the midst of finding that delicate balance between work, play and personal me time. Strike the right chord by giving yourself permission to go a little crazy or indulge a bit more. While you might suffer a slight hangover or pangs of regret, you could use with a dose of spontaneity right now. Be open to a looser schedule this month. Stay open to social invites. A big purchase could see you running scared but it really isn't beyond your comfort zone. Take pride in what you've accomplished and enjoy treating yourself to what you deserve. It's time PI!

Take time out with a good Film.

ARIES – Get Ready & Go
March 21 – April 20
Get ready…get set…go! You are on fire this month and there's nothing you can't handle Rams. This is a window of opportunity for those who want to push their career forward or be in the spotlight as fame and fortune are easily accessible if you're willing to charge ahead. Any business deals should be handled between now and mid-December to reap the rewards. You have the Midas touch and will find yourself receiving bigger holiday bonuses and extra profits. Spread the wealth but do set aside the extra boon for future investments and peace of mind.

Get ready and go Shopping.  

TAURUS – Holiday Nostalgia
April 21 – May 20/21
The holidays will have you feeling nostalgic over the next few weeks. You'll be longing for family and enjoying gatherings with friends now more than ever. The difficulty will be in juggling your responsibilities while leaving enough time for fun and festivities. Don't stress or you won't be able to fully appreciate the downtime between the frenzied pace. Travel is recommended even if it's a three-day road trip. You'll feel more connected if you can visit with relatives or old friends. Romantic relationships could be tested during this period. Avoid impulsive decisions.

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May 21/22 – June 21
Love is in the air for the Twins. Single Gems will sparkle and shine right up to new encounters. Attached Gems should make their significant other a priority this month. This is an ideal time for deepening connections in the form of proposals, marriage or children. The more you put into others right now, the more you'll get out of your dynamics. Take the attention off of yourself and be extra doting and attentive to loved ones. You need solidarity in order to achieve the next level of success and abundance. Being content with another can give you a shared joyful bliss.

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CANCER – Social Outings
June 22 – July 22
You'll be keen on spending as much time with your friends and family as you can this holidays. Relationships mean a lot to Crabs and the next few weeks should be devoted to social outings. There may be an additional interest in urban adventures and spontaneous activities. Be open to new possibilities that present themselves. Your dependable nature should help others if they call on you for assistance so long as you don't take on more than you can handle either. Make sure to spend quality solo time reflecting on your goals and aspirations. Start making big plans.

Festivals make the perfect social outing.

LEO – Creative Think Tank
July 23 – August 22/23
It's creative think tank time! You are bursting with fresh ideas and startling new perspectives. Don't be too quick to write off your musings and daydreams as flights of fancy. They are the breeding ground for innovation. Keep a notebook handy as you never know when or where genius may strike. Be willing to share your thoughts with others as they may be able to help. You'll be drawn to the mysterious and the unusual right now. Garish holiday decorations will actually upset your sophisticated taste. Avoid tourist traps and shopping malls. Be urban chic.

Your creativity will be at home in Museums.

VIRGO – Plans & Reorganizing
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Plans are the lifeblood of Virgos. You enjoy checking off your to-do lists and reorganizing everything from your sock drawer to your spice rack. The holidays actually rejuvenate you. Avoid doing too much planning and not enough time experiencing. Keep a looser grip and don't worry about making everything just so. Appreciate what you have instead of concerning yourself with what you don't. There's no need to try to maintain false appearances for the sake of others. You'll have more fun if you relax over the next few weeks instead of stressing every little detail.

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LIBRA – Help?
September 23/24 – October 22/23
Offering a helping hand is admirable but meddling in other people's affairs is certainly not. Avoid jumping into the fray this month and don't be guilty of gossip as it could come back to haunt you. Focus on your own matters which frankly needs some serious attention Scales. You have a tendency to solve problems with big sweeping gestures but this would be a good time to get dirty with the finer details. Rushing towards a solution just to have it theoretically disappear isn't the best or long-term approach. Stop hiding your messes under the metamorphic rug!

Help yourself by seeing drama at the Theater.

SCORPIO – Relinquish Control
October 23/24 – November 22
You're coming down from a big sugar high from last month just in time for the tryptophan to really bury you over the holidays. Go with the flow and the next few weeks will be pleasant. Big changes are in store for you early next year so use this time to prepare mentally for the next phase coming up shortly. Relinquish control in the meantime and appreciate a natural rhythm. Be willing to allow friends and family to help out instead of taking offense by their assistance. Romantic possibilities are still open for the rest of this year so take advantage of your allure.

Relinquish control by enjoying Music & Concerts

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