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Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Pisces! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 2/18/14-3/20/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity February Pisceans: Dr. Dre (2/18), Seal (2/19), Rihanna (2/20), Jennifer Love Hewitt (2/21), Drew Barrymore (2/22), Dakota Fanning (2/23), Floyd Mayweather Jr. (2/24), Sean Astin (2/25), Fats Domino (2/26), Josh Groban (2/27), Bernadette Peters (2/28), Tony Robbins (2/29)

Celebrity March Pisceans: Ron Howard (3/1), Daniel Craig (3/2), Jessica Biel (3/3), Patricia Heaton (3/4), Eva Mendes (3/5), Shaquille O’Neal (3/6), Bryan Cranston (3/7), Aidan Quinn (3/8), Matthew Gray Gubler (3/9), Chuck Norris (3/10), Johnny Knoxville (3/11), Ron Jeremy (3/12), Dana Delany (3/13), Billy Crystal (3/14), Eva Longoria (3/15), Curtis Lovell III (3/16), Mia Hamm (3/17), Queen Latifah (3/18), Bruce Willis (3/19), Spike Lee (3/20)

Ole dreaded Mercury is in retrograde until Feb. 28. That means an uptick in delays, miscommunication and technological snafus. This would be an ideal time to lay low and take a personal assessment about springing forward come March. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to hit the gym or join in a yoga class to get our bodies beach-ready. Relaxation and rejuvenation is the best way to beat the retrograde blues so book a day at the spa or grab a pal for a mani/pedi. The best way to deal with our anxiety is by nursing ourselves into better form, face and fashion.

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PISCES – Treat Yourself
February 19 – March 20
Use your birthday month to work on your physical appearance and overall well-being. You’ve been putting everyone else ahead of your own needs. Take the next few weeks to treat yourself. Put off your spring cleaning plans and attend to that mop you call hair, take in a day at the spa or schedule a relaxing massage. This is also an ideal time to collaborate with others and ask for help with any DIY projects you’ve been itching to attend to lately. Stop trying to go at it all alone. The more you set out to prove you don’t need anybody else is proof that you really do.

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ARIES – Worry
March 21 – April 20
Someone is being a complete worry-wart this month. Quit biting your nails down to the quick. You’ll be suffering from an unattractive case of hypochondria. Attend to your health but don’t turn some unsightly mole into a death sentence. Your nervous energy could be channeled in more positive ways. Relating to others might be tricky due to your recent pessimism and fears. Be mindful that you don’t turn every conversation back to you and your troubles and issues. Try to be empathetic and understanding without drawing solely on your own personal experiences.

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TAURUS – Fake It Until…
April 21 – May 20/21
Fake it until you make it, Bulls! You probably won’t be in the best of moods this month. If you wear a convincing smile and stay upbeat, you might be able to con yourself and others into believing you’re feeling just fine. The litmus test will be in how you address difficult situations. Coming unglued or slightly unhinged over a paper cut might not be the best way to handle it. Take your problems into account and really weigh whether or not they deserve your stressing. Put a positive spin on everything and you might truly feel better without maintaining pretence.

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GEMINI – A New Hobby
May 21/22 – June 21
You need a new hobby! Boredom might be setting in as you’ve achieved much from last year. Now it’s time to start something new and adventurous. If you’ve harbored a secret passion, this is the opportunity to stoke the embers and see what happens. Whether it’s writing the next great American novel or taking a trip to New Zealand, exploring your interests can keep you occupied. Juggling domestic and personal responsibilities could clip your wings a tad as you’re elbow deep in appointments, meetings and filial obligations. Stay on track but pursue your goals avidly.

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CANCER – Minutiae
June 22 – July 22
Minutiae! This month will see you buried in details and making friends with the devil. Keep your nose to the grindstone and be ever tenacious about crossing every T and dotting ever I. Why? People are paying close attention to your efforts and a sizeable reward isn’t preposterous now. This is no time for procrastination. Attack everything with gusto and finalize any hanging chads. In order to achieve advancement or peace of mind, you’ll have to earn it with great care. Don’t put off tomorrow what can easily be done today even if it means postponing a fun night out.

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LEO – Silver Platter
July 23 – August 22/23
Everything is being presented to you now on a silver platter and yet, you turn up your nose. Part of this is due to your wariness of approaching anything that looks like an easy mark. Lions do enjoy a good chase. Unfortunately, this window of opportunity won’t stay open forever. You might regret not seizing on the low hanging fruit when later your belly is gnawing from hunger. Commit yourself to showing and proving who you are and what you are truly capable of, Leos. There are those who are eagerly waiting to see if you’ll pounce or flop down for a lazy catnap.

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VIRGO – Pleasure Principle
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Choose pleasure over pain this month. Seems fairly logical? Unfortunately, Virgos have a way of martyring themselves for whatever imaginative cause they can dream up. It would be far better to elect for frivolity and frolic rather than doom and gloom. Indulge yourself these next few weeks even if you think it is undeserved or foolish. Revel in what makes YOU happy. The nicer you are to your own person will spill over to being even nicer to others—a true joy! It’s more than okay to put YOU at the top of the list instead of way down there at the bottom in fine print.

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LIBRA – Attract the Good
September 23/24 – October 22/23
You’re gearing up and ready to go…for what? A lot of carriage before the horse is happening with the Scales now. While you may want to shoot towards horizons unknown, it might be wise to get a lay of the land before heading off without so much as a flashlight or compass. Be adventurous but balance your pragmatic side too. Seek out what will lead to greener pastures. Darting off without scoping out the territory could see you blindsided. Be mindful of what kind of energy you’re putting out be it negative or positive. You’re like a magnet. Attract the good then.

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SCORPIO – Rewards
October 23/24 – November 22
It would be so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle. Alas, you’ll be lucky to carve out only a few precious minutes of personal time this month. Don’t bother running away under an assumed identity until you’ve completed all those frustrating responsibilities. Be there for others but in this same vein, let others be there for you too. The good news is that you’ll receive rewards for your efforts and loyalties. The bad news is that the payoff could mean more duties. Those closest to you should feel confident in your ability to be their foundation and strength.

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SAGITTARIUS – Detach but Focus
November 23 – December 21/23
This month will test how you attach to problems or issues. Detachment can give you perspective and a sense of clarity. Make a concerted effort to put your full focus on what matters most right now but be able to shift your attention when necessary. Parcel out your life like a pie chart. Whatever you decide to dedicate yourself to, dive in it completely and then set it aside just as resolutely to attend to other interests—particularly anything that is fun or pleasurable. Roll with the chops and revel in the delightful surprises without becoming mired in one or the other.

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CAPRICORN – Diligence
December 22/24 – January 20
Put off important decisions this month if you can help it. You may not have all the facts just yet. While you enjoy appearing as if you always have it under control and frankly know it all too, now is not the time to lead with your ego. Swallow your pride with one big gulp or pay dearly later. This is not a recommendation to blow off your obligations or legal issues, but a suggestion to delve deeper into the details before signing on the dotted line. Do due diligence and homework. Plug up any unnecessary expenditure and avoid committing to any big ticket items.

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AQUARIUS – Moving Forward
January 21 – February 18
You’re moving forward with a renewed confidence towards your dreams and ambitions now. This could mean a promotion, a new job or possibly returning to school. Whatever you do don’t bite off more than you can chew or you might suffer burnout, breakdown or an all-out bust, AQ. Soar high but keep both feet planted firmly on the ground by being realistic about your abilities. Pay attention to how you relate to others and give them a chance to share their own stories. Your eagerness is admirable but if you’re not supportive of loved ones, they won’t support you.

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