Thursday, March 13, 2014

They're Baaack! "Urban Death" @ Zombie Joe's Underground in NoHo

“They won’t stay dead!”

If you recognize the tagline to this classic zombie film, then you’re the perfect victim viewer for Zombie Joe’s Underground in-urbane “Urban Death” back again by popular demand. Macabre fans and lovers of all things dark and disturbing can’t get enough of the horror-centric company who've made their home in NoHo. This ghoulish production puts the MORE in morbid with its rapidly paced one-act featuring the oddest assortment of visceral scenes ranging from the creepy crawly to the shockingly sinister.

Those who’ve already seen one of the earlier signature productions of “Urban Death” should return like the Living Dead and get ready to party because Zombie Joe and his crew always adds more to keep fans sated. 

You can read M.R. Hunter's full terrifying 2012 review of "Urban Death" HERE

Runs through April 26
Saturday nights at 8:30 pm
ZJU Theatre Group
4850 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood. CA 91604
Reservations: (818) 202- 4120
Tickets: $15

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