Friday, May 9, 2014

Monorail, Disneyland, 1961 by Charles Phoenix

Whooshing by on the highway in the sky, passengers travel in supreme space-age style between the Disneyland Hotel and Tomorrowland. Hopefully they heard the "Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times" recording because there are no windows!

The monorail is like an airplane without wings, or a cross between a snake, shark and catfish. It also has a foot-long hot dog/Oscar Meyer Wienermobile feel to it. BTW, it's not too late for an Oscar Meyer sponsorship. They could called it the Oscar Meyer Weinermonorail!!!

Never have green tinted glass, ribbed stainless steel panels, lipstick red, and pinstriped white looked so great together. 

The design is so brilliant that, more than 50 years later, it's still fashion-forward. The earliest concept sketches of Tomorrowland included a monorail. But as Disneyland was being constructed, Disney had neither the technology nor the money to build his vision of future transportation for the masses.

Then while visiting Europe in 1958, Walt discovered a prototype monorail being developed by Alweg, a German engineering company. 

Within one year Disney had married the technology with a futuristic design and Disneyland's Monorail was ready to go.

In the days leading up to the ribbon cutting and "first ride" ceremony, every time the engineers ran the monorail around the track for a test run, it caught on FIRE. 

Finally dedication day came. All eyes were on the first official passenger, Vice President Nixon, as he boarded the futuristic transportation vehicle along with a very nervous Walt Disney for the trip. 

Nixon had no idea that it was the first time the monorail had gone around the track without catching on fire! 

Here's to Disneyland, the Monorail and YOU!!! 

Charles Phoenix 
May 9, 2014


Charles Phoenix has been busy as a bee planning the Wig Wam Pow Wow on June 21 in Rialto. This is a dream come true for him – decking out SoCal’s ultimate Route 66 landmark with a handpicked display of vintage trailers and classic cars, serving up a weenie roast, doing a retro slide show under the stars and crowning of the Wig Wam Motel owner, “American Royalty.” Tickets for this one-time only extravaganza are selling fast!!! ... You don’t want to miss it!!!

Disneyland has been an unending source of inspiration for the zillions that have passed thru the portal to the Magic Kingdom. His upcoming Anaheimland show on May 25 celebrates the early days of everybody’s favorite theme park, in Kodachrome color, and celebrates the legends, landmarks and lore of the city that surrounds it!!! ... If you love Disney, this show is for you!!! Get tix now!!! 

May 25, 2014
Charles Phoenix:Anaheimland!
Loara School, Anaheim CA
Anaheimland 2014
Wig Wam Motel
San Bernardino, CA
wig wam pow wow 600

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