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Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Virgo! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 8/22/14-9/22/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity August Virgos: Tori Amos (8/22), Barbara Eden (8/23), Dave Chappelle (8/24), Tim Burton (8/25), Macaulay Culkin (8/26), Paul Reubens (8/27), Jack Black (8/28), Lea Michele (8/29), Cameron Diaz (8/30), Chris Tucker (8/31)

Celebrity September Virgos: Gloria Estefan (9/1), Keanu Reeves (9/2), Shaun White (9/3), Beyonce Knowles (9/4), Michael Keaton (9/5), Rosie Perez (9/6), Corbin Bernsen (9/7), Pink (9/8), Adam Sandler (9/9), Colin Firth (9/10), Ludacris (9/11), Jennifer Hudson (9/12), Tyler Perry (9/13), Sam Neill (9/14), Tom Hardy (9/15), Flo Rida (9/16), Kyle Chandler (9/17), Jada Pinkett Smith (9/18), Jimmy Fallon (9/19), Phillip Phillips (9/20), Stephen King (9/21), Andrea Bocelli (9/22)

We need to be thankful this month and spread this feeling of appreciation wherever we go. This is a good time for us to conserve and share what we have in abundance by giving to charity. Many signs will need to express their thoughts but should take great care in being considerate. Communication can be too easy in that we may want to share too much information too quickly. At the same time, we may also feel as though we aren't being heard and this could lead to rows. Open dialogue but avoid saying more than is required. Let others have a chance to speak too.

VIRGO – Glass Half Full
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Your birthday month will be a lesson in gratitude and appreciating what you already have in ample supply. Try to have a 'Glass Half Full' mentality and see if your cup really runneth over. Expect a lot of social engagements in the upcoming weeks. These will be best one-on-one. You're not in the best mindset to run too much energy so avoid gatherings with large groups. Travel is suggested but it will probably be small weekend trips or just an overnight stay. Don't over schedule yourself anytime soon as the best laid plans may be the most spontaneous ones.

See the glass half fun at Restaurants and Cafes

LIBRA – Stay Mum
September 23/24 – October 22/23
It will be very difficult to keep your opinions to yourself this month. Even when you try to avoid expressing your opinions, underlying feelings and emotions will probably get the best of you. Filter out the white noise by replaying whatever comes to mind before airing it out. Worst case scenario is to pay attention to how someone receives your communication and adjust accordingly. Stay away from gossip or criticism. This is not a good time to speak off the cuff. The best tactic is to stay mum on sensitive issues, actively listen, learn and adapt your views.

Stay mum at a good Film.
SCORPIO – Neglected
October 23/24 – November 22
You're feeling neglected and a bit lonely regardless of the current company you are keeping. Address why your needs aren't being met to yourself before bringing it up to loved ones now. There may be some reasons for why you're not getting your deserved due or consideration. This could stem from your going along with another's program without complaint or honesty. It could be a passive aggressive mindset of giving with the expectation of getting what you want. No matter the cause, examine the effect on your well-being and happiness. It starts with you!

It takes two to tango with Dance.

November 23 – December 21/23
Be willing to compromise over the next few weeks. Taking a hardliner approach will not cull any favors from others and could isolate your position even further. Say what you mean however and put actions behind your words. Do not get caught out through flattery or ego-stroking just to avoid future problems. View things with a wide-scope lens instead of a microscopic one. Act according to the needs of the majority instead of the minority. The more levity in your attitude, the better others will feel about addressing issues as they arise. Negotiate your bottom line.

Festivals are anything but hard.

CAPRICORN – Big Firsts
December 22/24 – January 20
Everything seems like a big first for you right now. New friends, experiences, a job promotion or residence may be giving you a false sense of starting from scratch. This may be true in one sense, but avoid approaching everything with naiveté this month. Pay attention to how you create healthy dynamics rather than find yourself reliving bad habits and behaviors. Be open and excited, but channel that energy into being industrious and consistent. Enjoy the fruits of your labor or benefits of hard work, but be willing to share the glory and the spoils with others.

Have a big first at a new exhibition at Art Galleries.

AQUARIUS – Thick and Thin
January 21 – February 18
Your charisma is charming but don't let it go to your head this month. While others will be naturally inclined to be around you and attracted to your confidence, too much of a good thing could repel them back from where they came. Be mindful of who you are loyal too and do not be too quick to trade up. This fickleness can backfire long-term so be mindful of people's feelings. This is a good time to appreciate those who've stood by you through thick and thin. Honor them through fidelity. A past relationship could be resurrected with absolute finesse if you're willing.

Enjoy the thick and thin with Theater.

PISCES – Get Out!
February 19 – March 20
Get out! No really, get out of Dodge and out of the chaos disrupting your everyday life. You need a big break to recharge your frayed nerves. Travel is strongly indicated for this month. If you cannot afford a last-minute vacation, then spend quality time outdoors, socializing or doing the things you most enjoy. It's time to let your hair down and unplug from your hectic schedule. Find ways to work without getting caught up in burning the midnight oil until you've relaxed. You've been operating under the law of diminishing returns so return the favor to yourself now.

Go on a Weekend Getaway!

ARIES – Notable
March 21 – April 20
You want to stand out from the crowd, but you should consider how you're going about it. Is it wearing plaid with polka dots or being purposefully obtuse and irreverent? One may garner laughs and the other could leave you being notable for all the wrong reasons. Don't be someone you're not just to get attention. Don't take yourself too seriously either. It's a tricky dilemma but it may be more productive to examine your needs for validation and support. Instead of digging your heels in or acting superior, practice acts of kindness. Then you'll stand out!

Be notable at Nightlife.
TAURUS – Up and Down

April 21 – May 20/21
Up and down and all around is how you'll feel this month. There will be incredible highs but some awful lows. Ride out the emotional upheaval by focusing on the positive when it's anything but, and stay cautious when you're feeling higher than a kite. Be grounded in reality too. This is not a good time to trust blindly or accept offers without reading the fine print. Do due diligence even if you think it's a no-lose situation. You've been addressing long-term concerns and issues this year with surprising results. Maintain this focus and continue checking off your big goals.

Up and down is fun with Recreation.

GEMINI – A-Okay?
May 21/22 – June 21
Do not put your twin heads in the sand this month, Gemini! You may think you know the full story or how you should react to a current situation, but you don't have all the facts to do so. Acting in fear or denial could have you eating your words later or cleaning up an awful mess. Be upfront and honest in all your dealings without divulging every itty bitty unnecessary detail. Stop pretending everything is A-Okay if and when it isn't. Your stoicism is commendable but foolish. Be diplomatic and listen to what others are trying to tell you as it could be invaluable right now.

Be A-Okay in Museums.
CANCER – Pay It Forward
June 22 – July 22
Address everything that needs to be dealt with and don't sweat the small stuff this month. Your health, security and satisfaction are more vital than getting swept up in drama or distractions. Focus your attention on the chores you've let pile up the last few months of fun and frolic. Make time for friends and family, but reserve the right for personal downtime and independent outings. Be mindful of giving back to those who've given to you. Practice good karma or a pay it forward kind of philosophy in your daily dealings. This will give you a sense of confidence and stability. You have much to be thankful for so don't pursue anything materialistic or unnecessary.

LEO – Less Attention
July 23 – August 22/23
Share the limelight this month and be willing to let others outshine your natural glow. You'll attract more loyal followers by letting them have some of your glory. By taking the attention off of you right now, you'll actually feel freer to explore other options and goals. You may be overworking a problem as of late or avoiding it. Take a youthful approach instead of approaching it like a wise old cat. Don't stress over that which you have no control besides. Banter and volley even when tensions flare. Keep conversations light and playful right now.

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