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Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Leo! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 7/22/15-8/23/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity July Leos: Selena Gomez (7/22), Daniel Radcliffe (7/23), Kristin Chenowith (7/24), Matt LeBlanc (7/25), Sandra Bullock (7/26), Alex Rodriguez (7/27), Lori Loughlin (7/28), Josh Radnor (7/29), Arnold Schwarzenegger (7/30), JK Rowling (7/31)

Celebrity August Leos: Coolio (8/1), Edward Furlong (8/2), Martha Stewart (8/3), President Barack Obama (8/4), Maureen McCormick (8/5), Soleil Moon Frye (8/6), Charlize Theron (8/7), Dustin Hoffman (8/8), Deion Sanders (8/9), Antonio Banderas (8/10), Chris Hemsworth (8/11), Casey Afflick (8/12), Danny Bonaduce (8/13), Mila Kunis (8/14), Joe Jonas (8/15), Madonna (8/16), Robert De Niro (8/17), Edward Norton (8/18), John Stamos (8/19), Demi Lovato (8/20), Hayden Panettiere (8/21), Ty Burrell (8/22), Kobe Bryant (8/23)

With the humid heat, emotions will, run hot this month. We should not avoid conflict however. Take situations as they arise on a solo basis, rather than attribute our personal bias or history. Address things as they come instead of worrying about their significant or insignificant meaning. Examine mood swings as they appear. Take nothing at face value or anything for granted now. We should shift our focus from fun and frivolity, and focus on the real things that matter to us. Whether it's work, money or love, whatever our greed, it should be attended to with great effort.

LEO – Emotional Business
July 23 – August 22/23
Your birthday month comes with a lot of unfinished emotional business. Expect rows at home or tension in interpersonal relationships in the upcoming weeks. Be forthcoming and honest, no matter how difficult. Attend to matters you've either shelved or have long neglected right now. The more you're willing to address in the moment, the more likely you are to clear the air permanently, (and take a big sigh of relief). Approach any turmoil with stoicism instead of anger. Complicating these matters is the sense that everyone is hanging on your every word.  

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VIRGO – Slow and Steady
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Slow and steady wins the race. That's your theme for this month. Take everything that comes with discipline and structure. This is not the time for indulgences or gluttony. A small getaway would be good for your spirit, but long distance travel is not recommended. Keep your friends close while not cleaving onto them too much. The lesson here is in degrees. Take the middle road instead of leaning one extreme or the other. Chip away at projects rather than using dynamite to achieve positive results. Take pleasure in the virtues of patience, fortitude and joy.

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LIBRA – Temperament
September 23/24 – October 22/23
Be careful about how you come across to others. A friendly gesture could be misinterpreted as either being fake or too demonstrative. Check your behavior with those who know you best. If they think you're acting out of character, adjust your temperament accordingly. You can be very persuasive, so channel this charisma into professional outlets. No one will be able to resist your wacky ideas. Avoid coming across as emotional this month. When in doubt, use logic and reason to achieve better results. Make sure you can deliver on whatever you promise.

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SCORPIO – Hiding Out
October 23/24 – November 22
Some might accuse you of hiding under a rock, but that wouldn't be fair now would it? Just because you've turned down several weeks worth of invites, refused to return calls or emails, moved without giving a return address or posted an old photo circa the 90s on your Facebook profile doesn't necessarily mean you're on the lamb or hiding out. Maybe shoot a tweet now and then just to let others know you're still around and paying attention. Your focus has been on work and internal conflicts. This has created an invisible cloak but now it's time to be visible.

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SAGITTARIUS – Do-Everything
November 23 – December 21/23
One thing at a time, Archers! Your do-everything all at once attitude could make a mess of things if you're not careful and precise. Consider situations from every conceivable angle before shooting off at the hip. Pay attention to your feelings in matters as well. This is an excellent period for intuition, if you're willing to settle down and listen. Quiet moments of reflection could have great potential for unlocking your innermost desires and motivations. You'll have plenty of energy to work out, run a marathon or go on a shopping spree during your up periods of activity.

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CAPRICORN – Speak From Truth
December 22/24 – January 20
Verbosity won't be your friend this month. Expect to feel tongue-tied at the worst moments. You know what to say, but how to phrase it is the problem. Don't concern yourself too much with others' opinions. True, you might not say just the right thing at the right moment with pithy asides or loquacious wit, but if you speak from truth, you'll be A-OK. Listen more, talk less in this period of difficult communication. Pay attention to your body language. Move with confidence. Dress for success or at least in a way to call attention to yourself. These will bolster your image.

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AQUARIUS – Open-Minded
January 21 – February 18
Be open-minded this month and see what comes when you open the doors to the unexpected. You're probably already blistering with a "What? Me? I'm always OPEN-minded!" Are you AQ? Are you really? By being open, you'll reconsider other avenues of thought and action. You could also realize there's much you've been avoiding or tabling that demands your immediate attention, (procrastination aside). Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get up-close and personal with problems, dilemmas, challenges and anything that isn't positively spectacular.

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PISCES – Pedestal of Certitude
February 19 – March 20
Weary? It's a word you appreciate on so many levels. Just when you think you have it all sorted out, BLAMO!, another problem arises to knock you off your pedestal of certitude. Whoops, well, maybe or maybe not. You're in a transition period which includes your home, work, money and relationships. The problem lies in not expecting or demanding enough of yourself and others. Your laissez-faire attitude is welcome to those who wish to take advantage. Stop attending to the embers of the fire, and start addressing the brush fire with a DC-10 drop of retardant.

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ARIES – Roots
March 21 – April 20
Tackle the root of your problems instead of trimming the branches this month, Rams. You may believe you're in full control, but an upset in August could reveal how vulnerable you truly are. A new job or business opportunity could have you leaping before you look. If it sounds too good to be true, sadly, it probably is, but the infuriating part is that you've been here before, (loads and loads of times). See the situation for what it is and not what you'd rather it to be. Be honest in your relationships and communicate your needs openly right now. This will lead to better results.

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TAURUS – Pessimistic
April 21 – May 20/21
Stop being so pessimistic, Bulls! Your glass half empty approach is sucking out any joy in your recent experiences. It may be that you don't fully trust certain situations or budding relationships. It could be a product of your past burns and hurts. It might be you refusing to see a light shining like a beacon in the darkest of nights. Whatever your reasons, you need to let go. Enjoy the new, revel in harmony and take pride in being treated with care and compassion. Don't examine others' hidden motivations because there may not be any. Accept what is good.

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GEMINI – Chicken Minus Head
May 21/22 – June 21
You've been running around like a chicken without its head or a hamster in a wheel if the previous image is too ugly to picture. Nevertheless, you aren't accomplishing much in this way. You might be feeling pulled in too many directions at once. Concentrate your focus on what matters in the moment regardless of the cell phone rings, the emails or the kissing babies politic in your workaday. Take better care of yourself right now, and everything else will follow suit. Stop expecting others to look out for you in the meantime. Don't hide as a solution to these problems, but rather come out fighting and kicking for numero uno. Be selective and attentive.

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CANCER – Nesting Phase
June 22 – July 22
You're in a nesting phase of sorts. Friends and lovers are of utmost importance to you now. Yet, you might be longing for personal downtime too. Be choosey then, on whom you want to spend your valuable time with and make no apologies to those who bring you down. Take pleasure in your burgeoning social life without it derailing you from your personal goals. Seize the day not by grabbing it, but by letting it trickle through your fingers like water. Reestablish old kinships with a kind word or deed. A small getaway with your bestie could be just the ticket. 

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