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SCORPIO the month of 10/23/13-11/22/13

Happy birthday to these celebrity October Scorpions: Weird Al Yankovic (10/23), Kevin Kline (10/24), Katy Perry (10/25), Keith Urban (10/26), Ruby Dee (10/27), Julia Roberts (10/28), Gabrielle Union (10/29), Diego Armando Maradona (10/30), Vanilla Ice (10/31)

Celebrity November Scorpions: Anthony Kiedis (11/1), Stevie J. (11/2), Roseanne (11/3), Matthew McConaughey (11/4), Kris Jenner (11/5), Sally Field (11/6), Joni Mitchell (11/7), Gordon Ramsay (11/8), Eric Dane (11/9), Tracy Morgan (11/10), Leonardo DiCaprio (11/11), Anne Hathaway (11/12), Jimmy Kimmel (11/13), Josh Duhamel (11/14), Ed Asner (11/15), Lisa Bonet (11/16), Rachel McAdams (11/17), Owen Wilson (11/18), Jodi Foster (11/19), Joe Biden (11/20), Goldie Hawn (11/21), Scarlett Johansson (11/22), Robin Rene Roberts (11/23)

Trick or treat? There will be more treats than tricks for most signs this month. Although there will be bursts of energy and fun activities, we should also be mindful of our thoughts and feelings. Find time for meditation or yoga before the holidays make it so easy to procrastinate. We would do well to balance the whirlwind with deliberate moments of respite in between. The more we get lost in the constant doing is where we may lose sight of our responsibilities. Don't forget to attend to the small stuff too. This is a good period for charity and giving to worthwhile causes. 

Details for all of the signs...
October 23/24 – November 22
This is going to be a sweet month for Scorpions. You have total license to fully indulge the next few weeks so delight yourself with decadent treats. Socially, you're in the thick of it. Take control of your friends and environment by being the leader of the group. You won't be satisfied with status quo right now nor should you. Encourage loved ones to join you in your urban, cosmopolitan adventures. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hosting parties at your place or putting up unexpected visitors at your pad. Start preparing now for the busy upcoming holidays.

Plan for something sweet on our Calendar.

SAGITTARIUS – Reflection and Understanding
November 23 – December 21/23
You'll be feeling playful and gregarious in the next few weeks but underneath this exuberance is a somber sensibility. Treat this period as a time for reflection and understanding. Your desire to play hooky will be challenged by a need to attend to more important matters. Try to devote your working hours to timely issues and leave your evenings and weekends free for play. Be prepared for setbacks and obstacles to your well-thought plans. Leave room to maneuver and adjust. Stretch your abilities to be able to see the big picture rather than focus on the details.

Find some play time for Comedy.

December 22/24 – January 20
Everything will be larger than life over the next few weeks. You'll be feeling as though you're a rock star with adoring fans throwing themselves at your feet. Stay grounded in the initial high. There could be darker undertones underneath this sudden burst of fan frenzy and idol worship. Take advantage of being in the limelight by rounding up your friends for a night out on the town. Engage but don't buy into any ego-stroking or smoke blown up your skirt. You'll be moved and inspired by beauty and pleasing aesthetics. Now would be a great time to remodel or renovate.

Live it up like a rock star on our Nightlife page.

AQUARIUS – Foresight
January 21 – February 18
You're looking ahead—far ahead—and this foresight can bring about startling revelations. Avoid being swept away by fantasies of fame and fortune as reality may not live up to your overly impossible expectations. Stay grounded in the present by attending to others' needs right now. Offer a helping hand especially to those who have assisted you when needed in the past. Be mindful of your spending habits and curtail any unnecessary expenditure. A recent boost may have you writing checks faster than you can cash so apply your forward-thinking to finances too.

Have the foresight to attend Free Events.
PISCES – Quality versus Quantity
February 19 – March 20
It's quiet time for the fishes this month. You've earned this breathing space so enjoy it now before the holidays have you chasing your own tail. This is a good opportunity for reflection. This year has been demonstrating the difference between quality versus quantity. Surely now you know the difference? Emotional setbacks have thrown you for a loop. You may be reevaluating your life's aim. Cut yourself some slack and recognize that some relationships, be it romantic or professional, sometimes have a life span. Allow these people to go and move on.

Find quality on our Shopping page

ARIES – Charge Ahead
March 21 – April 20
Unstoppable! Like the ram, you are charging ahead and kicking up a dust storm in your wake. Suddenly, everything seems to be urging you to push forward. Your hard work this year is now paying off in unexpected but big ways. Expect this success to open up other opportunities too. It may be a good idea to reexamine your priorities and focus your energy on long shot aspirations. While it's nice to bounce ideas off of others, you are your own think tank so trust your instincts. Move confidently and stick to your principles and ideals. Listen to those who have your back.

Put that unstoppable energy into Health & Fitness.

TAURUS – Go, Go, Go!
April 21 – May 20/21
Move, move, move! Go, go, go! That's your new 'boot camp' motto until the end of this year. You won't have much downtime so take extra good care of yourself by eating right and sleeping. There isn't much time for domestic chores between juggling the multiple demands of your catapulting career and relationships. Try to attack one project a day, like laundry, and pick up as you go along. No offense, Bulls can be rather messy and oblivious to their own destructiveness. You'll be feeling bursts of energy and excitement in a way you haven't in a long time. Enjoy it!

You will go for Recreation or Tours.

GEMINI – Clam Up
May 21/22 – June 21
Be careful what you say in the upcoming weeks as you may be caught gossiping or telling little white lies. Clam up and keep any opinions about others to yourself for right now. You can talk a good game and maybe even yap your way out of jam, but why deal with all this sort of trouble? Instead, try listening more to what folks are telling you for a change. Avoid pretense or any pretentious attitudes as it will put people off. Practice being a trustworthy confidante this month. The ill a person speaks says more about the messenger than it does of the person discussed.

Keep your lip zipped by watching a Film

CANCER – Adventure
June 22 – July 22
A quick trip out of town could do wonders to revive your energy. You've been out and about lately but it might be better to escape the same old haunts, happenings and social sphere. Be open to meeting new people and having new experiences without dragging in the entourage. Do what motivates and inspires YOU, Crabs. The beach is always good for meditation and pause. Wild nights out on the town sap you from being industrious throughout the next day. Temper your wanderlust with realism and self-discipline. You are on an adventure of planned wandering.

Have a culinary adventure at Food & Wine Events.

LEO – Carrot Tops
July 23 – August 22/23
You have a way of pulling a rabbit out from a top hat at the precisely perfect moment, Leos. Unfortunately, you've been digging around and pulling out carrot tops. "He was in there! I swear!" Don't panic! Just as you are ready to admit defeat, you'll have a dove fly out from your shirt sleeve. This ability to adjust to changing circumstances will be quite useful in relationships. You'll have an uncanny intuition that might lead you into the arms of new lover, a fast friendship or a fresh business opportunity. No matter what the performance is like, you're still entertaining.

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VIRGO – Agenda
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Be mindful of how you're pushing your own agenda this month. Just because you want people to fall into line a certain way doesn't mean they will. Whenever logic and reason fail, Virgos have a nasty habit of either passively or passively aggressively getting their way. This could have unforeseeable results long term, so check your ego and be willing to compromise and negotiate. Travel is indicated and recommended. Taking a breather may help give you perspective. You can view situations more objectively by being outside looking in. Loosen up on the controls now.

Make Weekend Getaways part of your agenda.

LIBRA – Out and About
September 23/24 – October 22/23
Your creative nature needs an outlet. Immerse yourself in art, poetry slam readings, theater, eclectic movies and book signings. Whatever you do, try to go to free or low cost events. Money has a way of slipping through your fingers and you'll be feeling the pinch if you're careless with your finances through the rest of the year. People will approach you now. Pay attention to who you meet, especially when you're out and about, as they may be an important contact or offer helpful information. Network at every opportunity and have your business cards on the ready.

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