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Eyestrology - By Cici Psy-Chic

Capricorn 12/22/13-01/20/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity December Capricorns: Jordin Sparks (12/22), Eddie Vedder (12/23), Ryan Seacrest (12/24), Annie Lennox (12/25), Jared Leto (12/26), Hayley Williams (12/27), Stan Lee (12/28), Jude Law (12/29), Tiger Woods (12/30), Anthony Hopkins (12/31)

Celebrity January Capricorns: Verne Mini-Me Troyer (1/1), Tia Carrere (1/2), Mel Gibson (1/3), Michael Stipe (1/4), Bradley Cooper (1/5), Rowan Atkinson (1/6), Nicolas Cage (1/7), R. Kelly (1/8), Kate Middleton (1/9), Pat Benatar (1/10), Mary J. Blige (1/11), Howard Stern (1/12), Orlando Bloom (1/13), LL Cool J (1/14), Armando Perez (1/15), Kate Moss (1/16), Betty White (1/17), Jason Segel (1/18), Dolly Parton (1/19), Edwin Buzz Aldrin (1/20)
This month will be extremely social for most signs but it also means our dealing with crowds, traffic and strangers during the holiday season. Remember everyone is trying to get somewhere too. We should exercise good manners and civility to keep things moving along merry and bright. It's a season for goodwill towards men so take this spirit out wherever you go. Engage but also be willing to acquiesce to others. New Year's brings a sense of unity and reflection. Instead of concentrating on what you want to do, consider just how much was done in 2013.

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December 22/24 – January 20
Be mindful of your relationships this birthday month. Unhealthy dynamics or too much people pleasing could leave you feeling taken advantage of or fostering deep seated resentment. Goats are very susceptible to flattery. Be cautious of anyone who comes on a bit too strong too fast. Accept praise but keep it in a place by not letting it override your common sense. Those who support you but offer constructive criticism probably have your best interests at heart. Pay attention to what you're feeling around certain people and act accordingly. Anxiety is a red flag!

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AQUARIUS – Sense of Completion
January 21 – February 18
This year is ending with a roar not a whimper! There is a genuine sense of completion now. You've definitely moved into a new phase of your life. This will require some getting used to. A new job, a change of residence, marriage or major life event may punctuate this seismic shift. Grow into your changing set of responsibilities rather than stagnate. There will be a lot of conflict between career demands and personal obligations in the next few weeks. Spend quality time with loved ones even if it's brief rather than shortchanging them by not really being 100% there.

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PISCES – Fact Finding

February 19 – March 20
You'll be sorting out the details this month and putting out fires as you go along. Don't be too quick to surrender to frustration or hang your head in defeat. Communication is crucial. Even if you don't have the immediate solution to a problem, "I don't know but will find out" is a valid response when necessary. Sleuthing, fact finding and digging around for the truth is one of your best talents so utilize it rather than bemoan the stress. Ask questions and see what the initial responses uncover. While you'll feel cornered at times, avoid lashing out with defensiveness PI.

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ARIES – Confusing

March 21 – April 20
Things aren't always what they seem this month. You'll be feeling as though you're in the dark. Do listen for clues that may shed light on other people's hidden motives or personal agendas. They may be telling you more by what they aren't saying more than by what they do. This will be a restless few weeks as you have the energy but not the patience to venture outside your home. Apply your edgy nerves to DIY projects or anything that requires getting physical or creative. Delays and changes in plans will add to this confusing vortex. Roll with shocks and surprises.

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TAURUS – Handle Your Responsibilities

April 21 – May 20/21
Attend to important matters and put off play time until you've handled all of your responsibilities. Anything you haven't braved up to has the very real potential of slapping you on the snout now. This is not a good time for functioning in denial or pretending all will work out just fine. Uh…no? Seek out ways to approach your problems rather than running mach speed away from them. Enlist the aid of friends and loved ones. Ultimately, though you are the only one who can resolve the mess you've allowed to buildup. Don't even try to flirt or cajole your way out of this.

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GEMINI – High Note
May 21/22 – June 21

You're being extra accommodating this month. Why? You're in a super good mood for starters. The last half of this year has been very generous to the Twins and the overflow of gratitude is spilling out to those lucky enough to be in your inner circle. It's very easy for you to be in a nurturing position when you're on your A-game. Confidence and charm are two of your best attributes but they'll be even more heightened just in time to ring in the New Year. 2014? It's starting on a higher note than this time last year. It's all better than you could've hoped for.
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CANCER – Crabby

June 22 – July 22
Crabs will be a lot crabbier over the next few weeks. Short fuse? Usually, no, but right now you may feel as though there's a little raincloud hanging over your head. Your otherwise buoyant spirit could benefit with a lift from others. Find a soft place to fall and then let yourself go. Give yourself permission to indulge in late-night sweet snacking or whatever your weak spot is now. It won't be the end of the world and you could use with being gentler on yourself too this month. To improve your mood, make a list of things to do and try accomplishing them as a motivation.

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LEO – Domestic Diva
July 23 – August 22/23
Domestic diva is your new nickname for the rest of this year. Leos crave their man/woman caves more than other signs but sometimes those caves need a good scrubbing down. Start the New Year with a fresh coat of paint, a carpet cleaning and some new draperies and furniture. Loyalty is a strong virtue of this sign but it can become a hoarding problem real quick over time. Unload those old gadgets and toss those things you haven't used since the stone age of Atari. Afterwards you can throw an after-holiday dinner party and feel like a regular Martha Stewart.

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VIRGO – Brimming With Ideas

August 23/24 – September 22/23
You're brimming with ideas just in time for the New Year but don't drop the ball too hastily as you haven't hammered out all the details quite yet. Start 2014 by being open to innovation rather than attack your goals without a solid strategy to back it up. Listen to others right now. Offer your own perspective to the think tank and see what sparks enthusiasm and teamwork. You'll do better if you take objective opinions to heart right now. They can provide a solution you haven't yet considered or a variance to your plans that could catapult you in a surer direction.

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LIBRA – Chicken Little

September 23/24 – October 22/23
There's a bit of the Chicken Little in your attitude right now. The sky is falling, the sky is falling has been your mantra as of late but the reality is a lot more positive than you're willing to give credit to. Relax and stop stressing over what you can't control. Stay on top of things but don't overdramatize the small stuff. You won't be feeling much in the mood for travel this month. Invite friends and family for short stays at your place or keep your adventures more local. This is a perfect time to catch up on some reading or catching up on a TV series via DVD on the couch.

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SCORPIO – Scrooge

October 23/24 – November 22
Patience will be at an all-time low for Scorpions. Avoid any place that requires long wait times or lines. Watch how you come across with friends and family especially your tone. They may wince if they come within a mile of what you may think is criticism or disagreement. If a spat does erupt, it might be best to simply apologize or remove yourself from the situation. Count to ten a lot to keep your temper in check. Try to go along with the program instead of bucking it. You might find that the "bah humbug" blues will dissipate if you can stop acting like such a Scrooge.

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SAGITTARIUS – Reignite Your Passion

November 23 – December 21/23
This will be a quiet, almost boring month for Archers. Take advantage of this slowdown by immersing yourself in indulgent activities or a too-long neglected hobby. You won't be as social or interested in spending as much time with others. No worries, but do stay in touch via phone or email and answer any correspondences and invites with appreciation. Just in time for the New Year will see you deep in heavy contemplation. You've committed to 2014 but lack gusto. Reignite your passion by coming to it from a different angle. Tap into your childlike wonderment.

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