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Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Scorpio!

For the month of 10/22/14-11/22/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity October Scorpions: Christopher Lloyd (10/22), Ryan Reynolds (10/23), Kevin Kline (10/24), Katy Perry (10/25), Seth MacFarlane (10/26), Kelly Osbourne (10/27), Bill Gates (10/28), Gabrielle Union (10/29), Henry Winkler (10/30), Willow Smith (10/31)

Celebrity November Scorpions: Anthony Kiedis (11/1), Nelly (11/2), Roseanne (11/3), Sean Diddy Combs (11/4), Kris Jenner (11/5), Sally Field (11/6), Lorde (11/7), Gordon Ramsay (11/8), Eric Dane (11/9), Tracy Morgan (11/10), Leonardo DiCaprio (11/11), Anne Hathaway (11/12), Whoopi Goldberg (11/13), Josh Duhamel (11/14), Jonny Lee Miller (11/15), Lisa Bonet (11/16), Rachel McAdams (11/17), Owen Wilson (11/18), Jodie Foster (11/19), Joe Biden (11/20), Goldie Hawn (11/21), Scarlett Johansson (11/22)

Following Mercury's Retrograde, most signs will be very active professionally and socially. This is a good time to prioritize goals and readjust plans. Don't be surprised by flashes of insight or light bulb moments that can suddenly illuminate a problem with a handy solution. Dreams or omens can be fortuitous now so long as we pay attention. Earth and Water signs will enjoy bouts of good luck while Air and Fire should be focused on creating their own luck. This can be a very prosperous period with a bit of tenacity. Be willing to work hard and see great results!

SCORPIO – Elected Team Leader
October 23/24 – November 22
Your birthday month will see you busier than a bee. Stay on top of details and follow up with all correspondences as you might forget an important meeting or deadline. Be realistic about how much you can manage to squeeze into your schedule. Think conservative rather than optimistic. You'll feel overly confident and others will listen to what you have to say and act accordingly. Unfortunately, you may find yourself elected team leader in professional or social situations. Bow out gracefully when necessary. Take a long-term view on any commitments or promises.

You might need to make time for some Comedy.

SAGITTARIUS – Major Decisions
November 23 – December 21/23
Major life decisions are coming to a head starting now and through the rest of the year. You'll experience epiphanies and startling realizations that may have a profound influence and effect. Embrace these moments of clarity but avoid making impetuous changes until you have a plan. Bounce ideas off of others and brainstorm with those whose opinions you respect. Be conscious though that you don't monopolize conversations or come across too needy. Don't expect loved ones to accommodate to your ever-evolving schedule or existential crisis. Maintain your cool!

Festivals are an easy decision anytime.

December 22/24 – January 20
This month will see you feeling hopeful and optimistic about the future. Lucky breaks abound! Surprises and fortunate circumstances do a lot to inspire your positive attitude but it could be that you're attracting good energy. Stay upbeat and open to possibilities. Have a childlike wonder about everything. Be amazed instead of cynical. This could actually go a long way when meeting new people or a possible love connection. You'll experience chance encounters that could be useful so long as you pay attention to whoever crosses your path. Enjoy the now, now!

You'll feel lucky on our Nightlife page.

AQUARIUS – In A Corner
January 21 – February 18
You may feel as though your choices this year have forced you into a corner. Lashing out or blaming others will not help your tenuous position. Consider your goals and what you hope to accomplish moving forward. You might need to go back to the drawing board and start again. Even though you're feeling uncertain, you still have a considerable influence on others. Be mindful though about their loyalty and don't ask more than what you would be willing to give. Look beyond yourself and avoid making everything about you or your agenda. It just isn't, AQ!

Sit in a corner and enjoy Music & Concerts.

PISCES – Relax & Recover
February 19 – March 20
This should be a month of relaxation and recuperation. You've been go-go-going all year long. Lately though, it's been a law of diminishing returns. Now you're in an excellent position to take a deep breath and calmly make decisions without feeling undue pressure. Examine your relationships more closely as they've been sorely neglected. Pay attention to your intuition too. Your subconscious is trying to alert you, but you haven't been able to explore any of your hunches so follow through even if you're not sure about what. Take advantage of this respite.

Relax and recover with a Weekend Getaway.

ARIES – Relationships
March 21 – April 20
Relationships will be your main focus this month. You are devoting more energy in securing a stronger dynamic with family and loved ones. Make sure though that you're not overcompensating or expecting others to simply just do your bidding. Avoid passive aggressive posturing or pouting whenever things don't go your way. Listen and be fully engaged in conversations even if the subject isn't one you're interested in. Don't worry, it goes both ways. Travel or a change of residence could also be on the horizon from now until the end of the year.

Take your significant other to the Theater.

TAURUS – Invest In You
April 21 – May 20/21
You'll be feeling magnanimous over the next few weeks. Splurge and help out others, but make sure to not go overboard or you'll be the one needing a hand out. The last six months have seen you reaping the benefits of years of hard work. Now you have a bit extra to do with what you will. Use your gains wisely. Whether it's to invest in higher education or set some aside for a rainy day fund. Give and receive in equal amounts but take care that you don't throw your wallet around just to impress or buy friendships. Plan for the future.

Invest in Free Events.
GEMINI – Action Oriented
May 21/22 – June 21
This is a period of action for the Twins. Procrastination is simply out of the question now. You'll feel better addressing necessary chores and issues as they arise rather than fretting about them. Multitasking and maximizing time management will be instrumental in getting things done well. Be efficient. Your focus on completion could leave you feeling indifferent towards others. It isn't that you don't care, but you won't be as concerned about gossip or drama, which is just fine! Make time for those you really care about and keep superficial relationships to a minimum.

Be action oriented in Classes & Seminars.

CANCER – Obligations
June 22 – July 22
Your obligations may hamper your sense of fun. While you wanna do whatever suits your mood, there isn't much free time for frivolity right now. Choose responsibility over immediate gratification, even if it seems like you need a break. The time for that will come soon enough. You'll be feeling highly emotional as well, which will add to your stress. Try to keep them in check and don't give in to your frustrations by taking it out on an innocent bystander. Daydream in the meantime and plan for when you can cut loose. Travel is possible at the end of the year.

Make Restaurants & Cafes a fun diversion.

LEO – Strike
July 23 – August 22/23
Take charge of your environment by committing to a course of action and sticking to it. You've been waffling around this year in an effort to figure out what you should do. Now is the time to strike, even if it means walking away from long-time but low yield investments. Stay on top of tasks by addressing those that are time sensitive first, instead of tackling everything all at once. Say "yes" to opportunities, but be willing to negotiate the terms of the agreement when needed. You're meeting people who can be of great help and advice. Develop your hotbed of contacts.

Be inspired by Art.
VIRGO – Loosen Up
August 23/24 – September 22/23
Your desire to control may need to loosen up if you want better results. While you may be convinced your way is the only way, it isn't and others could jump ship or start a mutiny. Mellow out and see if that nets more loyalty rather than indifference. Black and white thinking is causing you to overreact, especially if you believe others are undermining your efforts. Paranoia only leads to poor communication. Thinking the worst weakens morale. Challenges can arise but how you go about tackling them shouldn't require tackling your teammates in the process.

Loosen up with Dance.
LIBRA – You Got It!
September 23/24 – October 22/23
You got whatever comes your way! This is a fantastic time to shine with your unique talents. Focus on your projects but not to the exclusion of others. Work with others and collaborate. Open up and be willing to share or help when necessary. Make sure not to act fake, however, because folks will sniff your duplicity and react with suspicion. Speak plainly and clearly. Avoid double-guessing yourself. Be confident and proud of what you can bring to the table. You can move up in your field so long as you don't step on someone in the process. Be fair and ethical.

You got it in Health & Fitness.

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