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Eyestrology: Happy Birthday Gemini! by Cici Psy-Chic

For the month of 5/21/15-6/21/15

Happy birthday to these celebrity May Gemini's: Mr. T (5/21), Naomi Campbell (5/22), Drew Carey (5/23), Bob Dylan (5/24), Mike Myers (5/25), Helena Bonham Carter (5/26), Louis Gossett Jr. (5/27), Kylie Minogue (5/28), Daniel Tosh (5/29), Idina Menzel (5/30), Clint Eastwood (5/31)

Celebrity June Gemini's: Morgan Freeman (6/1), Justin Long (6/2), Anderson Cooper (6/3), Angelina Jolie (6/4), Mark Wahlberg (6/5), Robert Englund (6/6), Prince (6/7), Kanye West (6/8), Johnny Depp (6/9), Kate Upton (6/10), Peter Dinklage (6/11), George Bush (6/12), Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (6/13), Donald Trump (6/14), Ice Cube (6/15), Laurie Metcalf (6/16), Barry Manilow (6/17), Blake Shelton (6/18), Paula Abdul (6/19), Nicole Kidman (6/20)

May heading into June will see most signs kicking back or feeling frisky. Last minute travel or invites should be accepted as we break up our routines with more frivolity. Water and Fire could be doused with alone time, while Air and Earth should embrace the company of others. This period can complement those who've been working around the clock with rest and relaxation. For signs who are trying to get their motors running, this would be an excellent oomph to start. View the next few weeks as a time to switch it up, apply what we've learned and make peace.

GEMINI – Surefire Spontaneity
May 21/22 – June 21
Your birthday month will leave you feeling impetuous and surefire, even if you don't always know exactly where you're going to land. Scale back on the spontaneity before diving in. Don't be discouraged if a grand scheme or epic plan falls flat with higher-ups or just pragmatic folks. Think more realistically about your goals and present them in a clear, concise way to others. Relationships will be very rewarding and rich in the upcoming weeks. Single Gems can attract a love interest, while paired up Gems will be experiencing more romantic adventures and accord.

Be spontaneous with Nightlife.
June 22 – July 22
This month has you flying low on the radar. You won't be feeling as social as you have been this year. Instead, you'll relish quality time alone attending to your home or garden. Travel is indicated, but you'll have no problem going solo. Avoid anyone who drains your energy as you are very susceptible to depression or ennui. Stay light on your feet and celebrate your blessings with daily acknowledgments. Health concerns might require a full check-up. Address any issues by being proactive. Meditation, yoga and being centered are the best medicine. Say "OM" a lot!

Say OM with Health & Fitness.

LEO – An Open Window
July 23 – August 22/23
Just because a door closed, doesn't mean you shouldn't look for an open window. In fact, use whatever obstacles and setbacks as a way to focus on better opportunities. Apply what you have learned towards new enterprises and relationships. These may have been painful lessons, but in the end it could be the experience you need to take a giant leap forward. Spend this month making yourself a top priority, which for Leos should come quite easily. The irony is for all the egomania associated with this sign, Leos are guilty of taking care of everyone else first.

Dance through an open window.

VIRGO – Pile of Paperwork
August 23/24 – September 22/23
You have a lot of great ideas, but getting other people onboard with them may be tricky. Be careful not to come across as authoritative by making ultimatums as this will backfire. Instead, approach others with velvet glove finesse or offer a few suggestions and pay attention to their reaction. Socially, you'll be happiest with a couple of your closest buds and/or partner. You won't be up to partying or faking much in the way of small talk. Focus on your finances and get out from under a pile of paperwork. Organization is the most creative inspiration for Virgos!

Take a break with Books & Readings

LIBRA – Decaffeinate
September 23/24 – October 22/23
Hang back before being too bold this month. Your "make friends with even the devil" persona could be calling more unwelcomed attention to yourself than you need right now. Avoid anything caffeinated before an important meeting or crucial conversation as you may have a tendency to ramble or overplay your hand. Put on your listening ears and say less, not more. Brevity will help you come across as trustworthy and candid. Overly adding unnecessary details might give someone the wrong impression. Try to think about another's point of view and be empathetic.

Drink decaffeinated at Film.

SCORPIO – Burning Bridges
October 23/24 – November 22
Regret? You've known a few. You could be wallowing in frustration stemming from a misguided course of action last year. Acknowledge your mistakes instead of justifying them. Sadly, any bridges you've burned lately are probably beyond repair. Examine why you feel the need to be all or nothing in work and relationships. Is this really honest or are your decisions backing you into a corner? Accept the past but apply the lessons on your current situation. Be frugal right now as you may have an opportunity to buy a home or car at the end of this year. Wait for it!

Comedy won't have you burning bridges.

SAGITTARIUS – Pheromones
November 23 – December 21/23
Relationships will be your primary focus this month. Examine those who make you happiest and let go of toxic vampires. A new love interest is possible so long as you keep your luggage at home instead of unpacking it on a first date. New alliances at work will also arise in this period. Pay attention to your motivations and desire before making promises you won't want to keep. Don't invest in anyone without be sure of what you're attracting. Fear, insecurity, desperation? These are not the pheromones you want in your aura or energy field. Be clear in your intentions.

Go Shopping for new perfume or cologne. 

CAPRICORN – Strike a Balance
December 22/24 – January 20
Conflicted? A part of you will want to take the world by storm this month. The other simply wants to loaf around like a sloth. Try striking a balance between these extremes. Give yourself a break if you've been toiling too hard with either a fun day activity or just catching up on Netflix in PJ's. Put your all into whatever you do professionally, but not at the cost of your health or well-being. Domestic matters require your attention. Parcel out your day to address work, home and play. Learn how to budget in rest and relaxation with your perpetual go-go work horse philosophy.  

Strike a balance with Recreation.

AQUARIUS – Intuitive Tap
January 21 – February 18
Intuition will be your best guide this month. Tap into it and pay attention to your feelings. Use this period to get in touch with yourself. Your energy has been depleted from this year's activities and concentrated focus. Don't be too disappointed, however, if others in your social circle aren't on your same wavelength. Give them their personal space to work out their issues or be there for them in limited amounts just by listening. Be mindful about speaking out of turn on things you really don't know much about. Coming across as a know-it-all isn't very becoming.

Art can inspire your intuition. 
PISCES – Too Much!
February 19 – March 20
Too much! That's how you'll be feeling this month. In a way, it's exhilarating. In another, it's overwhelming. Don't be surprised if you space out on names or dates during these weeks. The multitasking and intensity is the root causes for blanking. Address any neglectful duties such as returning phone calls or fulfilling a promise instead of ignoring them (hoping they just go away!). Your body could be telling you to slow down. Acknowledge this if you're feeling punked out, sore, or just cranky. A DIY project might be well-timed but don't do it if you're not at your best.

Don't spend too much at Free Events

ARIES – Fact Over Fiction
March 21 – April 20
Stick with logic this month. Avoid anything esoteric or open to interpretation. Don't give into your emotional, hot-tempered side during this period of fact over fiction. Count to ten if you must or simply stay out of any conflicts that arise. Physical exertion could help dispel some of your extra amounts of energy. Low impact cardio or even a leisurely hike can work wonders on your mood. Stay positive and upbeat, even in the face of disappointing results. Treat anything as a rough patch rather than a detour. Be open to change, especially in your home and social sphere.

Practice fact over fiction at Tours & Excursions

TAURUS – Stamp
April 21 – May 20/21
Take the good with the bad right now and roll with the punches. Say what? Bulls really do not excel when things don't go totally their way. Stamping your foot won't help much. Friends can. Although there's much you're achieving, any significant setback will see you moping around. The truth is you're nowhere from where you started from a year ago. Gains and strides have actually given you a lot of emotional and financial lift. Whatever isn't working as planned probably wasn't nearly as beneficial as you'd like to believe. Adjust, accept and keep stamping.

Stamp on at Music & Concerts

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