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Eyestrology LA - Happy Birthday Aquarius by Cici Psy-Chic

AQUARIUS 1/20/14-2/18/14

Happy birthday to these celebrity January Aquarians: Edwin Buzz Aldrin (1/20), Billy Ocean (1/21), Diane Lane (1/22), Antonio Villaraigosa (1/23), Aaron Neville (1/24), Alicia Keys (1/25), Ellen DeGeneres (1/26), Alan Cumming (1/27), Joey Fatone Jr. (1/28), Oprah Winfrey (1/29), Christian Bale (1/30), Portia De Rossi (1/31)

Celebrity February Aquarians: Lisa Marie Presley (2/1), Shakira (2/2), Nathan Lane (2/3), Alice Cooper (2/4), Jennifer Jason Leigh (2/5), Rip Torn (2/6), Chris Rock (2/7), Seth Green (2/8), Judith Light (2/9), Laura Dern (2/10), Brandy (2/11), Judy Blume (2/12), Prince Michael Jackson (2/13), Florence Henderson (2/14), Matt Groening (2/15), Ice T. (2/16), Paris Hilton (2/17), Dr. Dre (2/18)

Now's the time to take a flying leap as we head deep into 2014 and the Chinese New Year by playing fast and loose whenever we can. The weather couldn't be finer for us to be outside. Emotionally, many signs will be suffering from an unattractive case of ego and selfishness. We all would do well to consider others in any social circumstance among strangers and relations. Should issues arise, Fire and Water signs will do better at logical discussion while Air and Earth need to pay attention to how their message is landing. Maintain civility and employ diplomacy. 

If you don't leave home without consulting your chart read the full scope for Aquarius and all of other signs...

AQUARIUS – Spontaneous
January 21 – February 18
Your birthday month will be teaching you how to live in the moment. Be spontaneous and swing at whatever is thrown your way. Things may feel a bit off in the next few weeks but if you keep an open mind, some of these surprises could illuminate your sense of purpose and direction. Get comfortable with discomfort. This also means addressing those extra pounds put on during the holidays. Sweat it off with jogging, weight-training and stick to a healthy sleep schedule now. This will help any anxiety you've been experiencing as of late. Stop twitching and start moving!

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PISCES – Expectations of Others
February 19 – March 20
Be mindful of your expectations of others right now. Is it reasonable or are you demanding more than others can give? It may seem perfectly appropriate to pull favors or ask for special requests from those you think carry a karmic debt to you, but collecting could create problems. Practice viewing situations from another's perspective. Walk in their shoes metaphorically. If you wouldn't jump to their beat then why snap your fingers hoping they'll leap to yours? Your usual empathetic nature will be your best guide this month. Pay attention to how folks react.

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ARIES – Conflicting Conflict
March 21 – April 20
Conflict is the theme for this month. Get ready to rumble with anyone who dares to cross you. Your staunchly held position might need to relax enough to open a constructive dialogue. Address the issues instead of jockeying for control. Find common ground with others. Look for opportunities to collaborate and cooperate rather than dig your hooves in. Worst case scenario is to hide in your room until your temper is better contained. Alone time with Netflix may cure what ails you. Take your frustrations out on whatever can calm your already frayed nerves now.

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TAURUS – Shocked Much?
April 21 – May 20/21
Shocked much? You'll be reeling from surprises and broadsides popping up this month. These are serious growing pain lessons that can yield invaluable insights so long as you're willing to learn. Don't rush to judgments or make important decisions right now. Give yourself time to recover. Once you're over the initial distresses, situations will start to become clearer. Relationships will be made stronger or be irreparable during this time period. Reach out for others to support you but don't expect them to cater to your every whim or pity party either.

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GEMINI – Social
May 21/22 – June 21
This is a very social month! There will be lots of invites and dinners out with friends and family and maybe even a new romantic interest (or two). Pay close attention to what people are saying right now as you might cull an important detail or fact out from the riveting conversation. This could lead to surprising discoveries or a jump on a golden opportunity. Be open to making the first introduction with whoever you meet, especially at parties. Network and promote yourself! Anything new, novel or unexplored should keep you well captivated and fully engaged.

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CANCER – Armchair Therapist Session
June 22 – July 22
You might feel the need to say more than you really should in the next few weeks. Speak your mind but consider your audience and their attention spans. Disclose your feelings but stay just this side of turning a dialogue into an armchair therapist session. Keep Dr. Phil on the tele. Understanding your motivations could help to soothe any internal conflict. Are you trying to gauge someone's reaction or are you clamoring for undivided attention? Consider others and their feelings by giving them the time to also share their thoughts and daily observations too.

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LEO – Shift the Boundaries
July 23 – August 22/23
Starting the year off by pleasing everyone (except yourself) isn't the right approach to take. Going above and beyond the call of duty needs to be considered and appreciated by others. If you feel taken advantage of or your needs aren't part of the equation, then shift the boundaries. Leos have a terrible reputation for being egomaniacs, but they are loyal to a fault. Sure, they love to be the top of their pride but they also go to great lengths, sometimes taking it a bit too far, to make everyone happy. Be judicious about the hoops you're jumping through right now.

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VIRGO – Split
August 23/24 – September 22/23
You're suffering from a split focus and bi-polar tendency between work and play this month. Align the two whenever you can but address one crucial aspect of each a little bit at a time. Avoid shrugging off your responsibilities just because "you're not in the mood." Do schedule in personal periods of lounging around or investing in a hobby. You'll enjoy more low-key events this month. This is an ideal period for kicking back with friends or developing a new relationship. Clear the air with anyone who has been avoiding your company. Be willing to listen to them too.

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LIBRA – Be Zen
September 23/24 – October 22/23
Itching to get out and about? Scratch that urge with health conscious activities like hiking, swimming or a yoga session. Your nervous energy could be useful at the gym right now. Get back in shape and you'll feel much more comfortable inside your own skin. This is an ideal period for personal as well as physical exploration. Reflect on your goals for this year Scales. Meditation and breathing exercises can help unlock subconscious obstacles and misgivings. Zen is your friend. In between the exertion of go-go-go, you'll unlock all the why-why-why.

Be zen on our Health and Fitness page.

SCORPIO – Rein It In
October 23/24 – November 22
Rein it in, Scorpions. Restrain from responding to problems purely from your emotions. Say what's on your mind a couple of times in your own head before unleashing out on everyone. Consider it a dress rehearsal before lowering the boom as you have an atomic way with words. Stop being so serious about every little thing and lighten up a bit. Find the humor in situations. Keeping perspective can help you find the best solution rather than stewing over it (which is rarely productive). Levity is the right approach now, especially in sticky circumstances or rows.

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SAGITTARIUS – Taskmaster
November 23 – December 21/23
Of much is given, much is required. Boy, howdy are you in the thick of delicate negotiations. This month will be a veritable taskmaster. You might also be knocked a bit off your A-game. Take extra preventative steps towards overall good health and general well-being. Sleep, eating right and staying hydrated will go along way than an IV of coffee or your drug of choice, Archers. Try to leave work where it belongs—at work instead of allowing it to permeate your free time. Your creativity is spurning you into exploring other areas that have been neglected.

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CAPRICORN – Free Lunch?
December 22/24 – January 20
The world seems like it is being offered to you on a silver platter. No such thing as a free lunch. Make sure to read the fine print and inquire as to the strings attached. Jumping headfirst could see you landing squarely on your noggin and taking on more than you can handle. Avoid long drawn out debates or negotiations as you will probably give in more than you rightfully should. Present your bottom line and protect yourself with legal counsel if necessary on any contracts. Leave time enough in your weekends and evening hours for a little frolic and fun adventures.

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