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Year of the Wood Horse: Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for 2014 by Cici Psy-Chic

The Chinese New Year marks a change in its annual 12-totem zodiac. This year is represented by the Wood Horse. It is a very lucky combination of both the element and the animal—together it portends renewed passion, vitality, travel and sociability. Conversely, the horse is a stubborn creature which could make for greater miscommunications, physical stress, uncertainty and superficial pursuits. Unbridled enthusiasm can urge us to be more spontaneous but taken too far and we could become reckless. Depending on your sign, the Wood Horse can prompt us to move forward but we must be aware of what it is we’re galloping towards. Horses in a Horse year may find themselves coming into their own or seeking out greener pastures. They might struggle however from being too horsey for most others to take. Be bold, courageous and run wild occasionally but also be willing to fall into a trot and cantor.

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Feb. 15 1942-Feb. 4 1943; Feb. 3 1954-Jan. 23 1955; Jan. 21 1966-Feb. 8 1967; Feb. 7 1978-Jan. 27 1979; Jan. 27 1990-Feb. 14 1991; Feb. 12 2002-Jan. 31 2003; Jan. 30 2014-Feb. 8 2013
Although this is a Horse year, it will have extreme ups and downs. Don’t kick at the stall as there is plenty of fortune and luck on your side so long as you keep your wild side at bit domesticated. Focus on friends and family and take pleasure in the simpler aspects of life including routine.  

Feb.14 1953-Feb.2 1954; Feb.2 1965-Jan.20 1966; Feb. 18 1977-Feb. 6 1978; Feb. 6 1989-Jan. 26 1990; Jan. 24 2001-Feb. 11 2002; Feb. 10 2013-Jan.29 2014
Slither out from under last year’s rock as 2014 will see an uptick in wealth and romance. A sizeable promotion or new job will put Snakes back on the fast track. This is a good time to venture out and bask in the sunlight. Flashes of brilliant insights should boost your confidence.

Jan. 27 1952-Feb. 13 1953; Feb. 13 1964-Feb. 1 1965; Jan.31 1976-Feb. 17 1977; Feb. 17 1988-Feb. 5 1989; Feb. 5 2000-Jan. 23 2001; Jan. 23 2012-Feb. 9 2013
This won’t be a stellar year for Dragons but this depends largely on their attitude. Follow the horse’s lead instead of trying to lead the horse by your tail. It won’t happen so work on cooperation and collaborations for an easier ride. Expect to work out personal issues internally.

Feb. 6 1951-Jan. 26 1952; Jan. 25 1963-Feb. 12 1964; Feb. 11 1975-Jan. 30 1976; Jan. 29 1987-Feb. 16 1988; Feb. 16 1999-Feb. 4 2000; Feb. 3 2011-Jan. 22 2012
Start bunny-hopping for joy as 2014 brings about bouts of creativity, inspiration and good luck. Relations and general well-being will be excellent. Love and romance could see a major milestone this year such as marriage or childbirth. Finances should also increase steadily.

Feb. 17 1950-Feb. 5 1951; Feb. 5 1962-Jan. 24 1963; Jan. 23 1974-Feb. 10 1975; Feb. 9 1986-Jan. 28 1987; Jan. 28 1998-Feb. 15 1999; Feb. 14 2010-Feb. 2 2011
Climb down from the trees and let 2014 run wild Tigers. This year will give you that extra oomph you need to reach any goal. Don’t sit on the sidelines or you could miss out on opportunities. Every area of your life should be dazzling and fortuitous. Be ready for travel, fun and adventure!

Jan. 29 1949-Feb. 16 1950; Feb. 15 1961- Feb. 4 1962; Feb. 3 1973-Jan. 22 1974; Feb. 20 1985-Feb. 8 1986; Feb. 7 1997-Jan. 27 1998; Jan. 26 2009-Feb. 13 2010
Family and work will keep Oxen busy this year. Focus on family but expect to run into conflict. This can be a difficult period of all work and very little play. Don’t take on more than you can handle and avoid any risky ventures or shady investments. Maintain what you have in 2014.

Feb. 10 1948-Jan. 28 1949; Jan. 28 1960-Feb. 14 1961; Feb. 15 1972-Feb. 2 1973; Feb. 2 1984-Feb. 19 1985; Feb. 19 1996-Feb. 6 1997; Feb. 7 2008-Jan. 25 2009
Keep yourself grounded instead of chasing after that wedge of cheese as it might be a trap. 2014 demands temperance and patience from Rats. This is not a good time for scurrying around or acting reckless. Squelch your wanderlust and enjoy current family and friends.

Jan. 22 1947-Feb. 9 1948; Feb. 8 1959-Jan. 27 1960; Jan. 27 1971-Feb. 14 1972; Feb. 13 1983-Feb. 1 1984; Jan. 31 1995-Feb. 18 1996; Feb. 17 2007-Feb. 6 2008; Jan. 23 2012-Feb. 9 2013
This will be a mixed year of positive strides and negative gains. Pigs should bury their snouts in work and move forward in their careers but may require help or better contacts to achieve success. Watch your need to overindulge and curtail any unnecessary expenditure in 2014.

Feb. 2 1946-Jan. 21 1947; Feb. 18 1958-Feb. 7 1959; Feb. 6 1970-Jan. 26 1971; Jan. 25 1982-Feb. 12 1983; Feb. 10 1994-Jan. 30 1995; Jan. 29 2006-Feb. 16 2007  
Wag your tail as 2014 will be going to the Dogs. Every month comes with a special treat in all areas of work, love and health. You’ll be top dog in whatever you set your mind to this year. Take advantage of all the luck and encounters that come your way especially in romance. Woof!

Feb. 13 1945-Feb. 1 1946; Jan. 31-1957-Feb. 17 1958; Feb. 17 1969-Feb. 5 1970; Feb. 5 1981-Jan. 24 1982; Jan. 23 1993-Feb. 9 1994; Feb. 9 2005-Jan. 28 2006  
2014 is something to crow about when it comes to love and romance. Single roosters might find themselves paired up by the end of the year while committed roosters will be inclined to deepening their current relationship. Expect meeting new people and forming stronger alliances.

Jan. 25 1944-Feb. 12 1945; Feb. 12 1956-Jan. 30 1957; Jan. 30 1968-Feb. 16 1969; Feb. 16 1980-Feb. 4 1981; Feb. 4 1992-Jan. 22 1993; Jan. 21 2004-Feb. 8 2005
Concentrate on being on your best behavior, Monkeys. This is no time for silliness so get serious about what you want and how you plan to go about grabbing that banana. Less is more so avoid piling on more responsibilities than you can handle. Stay calm, cool and collected.

Feb. 5 1943-Jan. 24 1944; Jan. 24 1955-Feb. 11 1956; Feb. 9 1979-Feb. 15 1980; Feb. 15 1991-Feb. 3 1992; Feb. 1 2003-Jan. 20 1992; Feb. 1 2003-Jan. 20 2004
Keep a low profile this year and be as gentle as a lamb to ensure good results. This is a year for building on what you started last year but slow and steady is the way to go in 2014. You may attract interesting people into your professional and personal life but avoid toxic personalities.

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